Tiny House Tuesday: Show ‘Em What You Got

July 22, 2008

WHO: You

WHERE: Your city

WHAT: Your house

SIZE: Under 1,000

Calling all Living Smallers: It’s your time to shine.

ReadyMade magazine, a fatty DIY monthly, is searching for “drool-worthy environs” to showcase in its upcoming Small Spaces issue. It’s true: YOU could be the next ReadyMade coverhome (and, potentially, the next Tiny House Tuesday feature). So, if you live in a pint-sized place — under 1,000 square feet — send some pics and an appeal to shana@readymademag.com. Let me know if you submit, and I’ll watch for your win.

Godspeed, and may you have better luck than the Bantam Roost.


2 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Show ‘Em What You Got”

  1. Maven said


    And may I tell you – the expression “Small is the new big” made my day :-)

  2. Thanks, Maven. Are you going to enter the contest?

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