Walk the Walk

July 25, 2008

The sages have spoken, and Seattle is the sixth most walkable city in the U.S., says The Daily Green. Big enviro-points, Emerald City, given that walking = the ultimate in fuel efficiency.

Now that we’ve all charted our homes’ respective Walk Scores, and now that Feet First — an organization set on building walkable communities — has mapped several Seattle neighborhoods and their landmarks (check out the brand-spanking-new map of my digs, the CD!), it’s time to hoof it. Of course, how may’st I hoof when I know not wher’st to set foot to pavement?

Enter Google Maps, with its fresh (read: beta) Seattle walking directions function! All you gotta do is plug in some directions under the Get Directions link — say, 10th & Thomas, the location of the Cap Hill Farmers Market, to 16th & Madison, the location of the food co-op. Once Google maps your route, click the “Walking” link in the left-hand sidebar, above the direction detail (you know, Turn left here, Go .3 miles there, etc.). Presto! Get from Point A to Point B, all afoot. Thank you, Google. You always know what I need before I know I need it.

Remember, kiddies: Muscles, not motors! Happy hoofing.


6 Responses to “Walk the Walk”

  1. Michelle said

    Yea for Google Maps! I love the Public Transit option (although can anyone vouch for its accuracy?), which includes some walking directions, and I’ve been hoping they’d add this feature. I did a couple of searches, and I noticed that the map still excludes the Burke-Gilman Trail, but hopefully that will be added in time. Thanks for the info!

  2. Pretty cool, isn’t it? I’ve used the Public Transit option to figure out where bus stops are located, but I’ve never had to rely on the times Google provides. I’m guessing they are drawn from Metro’s online timetables, so they’re probably close to accurate.

    No Burke-Gilman? What a callous omission. The feature is in beta right now, so perhaps they are feverishly trying to add it as we type.

  3. Emily said

    Yay for me – I live in the #1 Most Walkable City! It’s small size surely helps!

    Public transit, on the other hand, is not so wonderful.

  4. Hoo-ee! Go San Francisco. Is the transit system not very far-reaching? Or is it inconvenient, time-wise?

  5. Emily said

    The transit system here, MUNI, seems to operate on logic that defies… um… logic. Four of the streetcars go through the same 4 stations, converging all at once, causing gridlock during commute hours.

    The busses come when they feel like it. If a driver calls in sick they usually aren’t filled in. That’s unfortunate for the riders that are expecting that bus. They have to cram on with the ones on the next scheduled bus – if they CAN get on.

    Oooh, sorry for that little rant! Can you tell I spend a lot of time on transit? :-P

    I really need to get working on that bird mobile from Spool! I’m hoping some hand-sewing will bring zen to my commute!

  6. Oh brother. That sounds unendurably frustrating. Transit in Seattle is awfully sweet, I must say. Maybe the mobile will keep you calm!

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