7 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

July 31, 2008

I broke. Well, I just went a touch wild. Vile temptress, thy name is eBay.

While nothing *new-new* graced the House of Small Living, a few sweet eBay snags did: namely, this pair of electric blue flats. How can you blame me?

Plus: a vintage Mexican silver and turquoise cuff bracelet and a little, gold Sarah Coventry owl brooch. He has chartreuse rhinestone eyes, people. How could I not bid? How could I?

And, beyond the hours I spent junking out on eBay, I put in some serious Value Village time (spoils, ahoy!), as well as some antique mall mania (well, one vermillion enamel, flower-cluster pin).

This month, much more than any other, I’ve been feeling the shopping pull. The siren’s song of the thrift shops has attracted me like Odysseus to, well, a siren. Have I strayed from the path of ascetic righteousness? What’s the deal with all this wanting? Human nature?

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5 Responses to “7 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Rhonda said

    Oh the joy! My bedroom as a girl was painted the very same color as your fabulous “new-to-you” flats and the color name of the paint was indeed electric blue. I have to say the color works better on your very cute shoes than it did for my bedroom walls. I seem to have a hard time picking paint colors as my “acid banana” yellow kitchen gives further proof. Although I truly love your commitment to living small I think part of our self-expression is in the material things we choose to possess. It seems to me you are still choosing carefully and mindfully. Rock on small sister!

  2. Thanks, Rhonda. What a compliment! I would love to see “acid banana” in action. Sounds like we might have the same taste in hues. ;)

  3. I think that if I didn’t buy something for myself now and then, I might have a shopping explosion. I keep the “stuff lust” at bay with periodic small offerings.

    The flats are truly magnificent.

  4. I suppose I know what you mean. The whole shopping bender thing.

    I love these shoes. They feel like buttah.

  5. Question: Is my urge to purchase the urge to get a dopamine high? Apartment Therapy suggests as much. Read on.

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