Shameless Amtrak plug ahead.

August 4, 2008

No, I don’t work for Amtrak. But, verily, I love el train for its (relative) energy efficiency.

So I’d like to share some Amtrak super-special deal news. Apparently, through August 8, Amtrak is running fare specials on several lines up and down the West coast. Get this: Seattle to Portland for $24 each way. Snap! I’m on it. You have to travel between September 2 and December 11 (no Labor Day or Xmas, peeps, and Thanksgiving is a blackout date), but there are plenty of days still up for grabs.

Check it out, trainheads.


3 Responses to “Shameless Amtrak plug ahead.”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    Speaking of traveling, my wife and I will be in Seattle next week from Wednesday to Saturday visiting friends before an Alaskan cruise. Any good places for us to visit?

  2. Oh boy! A Seattle trip will be great — and the weather should be gorgeous.

    I recommend a tour of the Seattle Public Library; it’s quite the architectural wonder. Likewise Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, an outdoor collection of art both big and small. Plus, it’s on the waterfront, and boasts views of the Olympic mountain range.

    Big points for the Pike Place Market, of course, one of the largest open-air markets in the U.S. There’s always the Space Needle, too, and the surrounding Seattle Center. If you want a great photo op that includes the Needle, the city, and (possibly) the Mountain (Rainier, that is), head up Queen Anne Hill to Kerry Park on Highland Drive. (And while you’re on Queen Anne, I recommend a trip to Tup Tim Thai, one of my fave Thai joints, at 2nd Ave. West & Mercer Street.)

    And don’t miss the hits and highlights of Ballard (especially Cupcake Royale), as well as the Fremont Troll.

    Want to take a walk? Check out the Washington Park Arboretum. Craving yummy Mexican food and a kayak paddle around Portage Bay? Go to Agua Verde. How about some Seattle-brewed beer and a (veggie) burger? I’m loving the Elysian Brewing Company.

    I also recommend grabbing some neighborhood walking maps at Feet First; these will get you some ‘hood history and good eats.

    What did I miss, everybody?

  3. Grant Wagner said

    awesome! Thanks.

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