Library Love

August 13, 2008

I love my library. And not just because My Mister works there.

Here’re the Small deets on the Borrower’s Paradise:

  • A handful of materials circulate to thousands of users = Zero overconsumption.
  • Said materials don’t clutter up said users’ homes, thanks to fine-enforced due dates = Zero excess.
  • Libraries provide access to computers, meeting spaces, readings, performances and more to all types of people, even those with limited mobility — truly, you name it, they’ve got it (or, they at least know how to find it; they’re librarians, for heaven’s sake) = Infinite community connections

Plus, librarians are wicked awesome, in a smartypants social worker way. And they can recommend books and movies and music just for you, because, well, that’s their job. And they’re really good at it, too.

Do you use your public library? How do you use it? Books? Music and movies? Community events? The Internet?

Photo: Seattle Public Library’s spacey downtown branch.


8 Responses to “Library Love”

  1. Michelle said

    I, too, love my local library. We cancelled our cable because we can get all the BBC shows and documentaries we love to watch from the library. I try to preview any knitting book or cookbook I’m thinking of purchasing; I’ve cooked my way through most of Moosewood’s Simple Suppers, and it’s definitely going on my wish list. I usually end up purchasing any popular nonfiction I want to read–used if possible–because I always seem to be in the middle of something that prevents me from finishing it before the due date. But I’m working on that.

  2. Lindsay said

    My school not only has all of the typically awesome libraries that come along with being a big university, but they have a whole library dedicated to popular fiction! They’re constantly obtaining just-released books, and there’s never much of a wait for anything. It’s awesome!

  3. Lindsay said

    and apparently I need to spend less time in lab and more time in the library so I can think of a better adjective than “awesome”… How embarrassing!

  4. Bobbi said

    I love libraries! We’re blessed with several in our general neighborhood. One has a weekly Saturday used book sale in a small room in the basement. It’s become a hangout of sorts with comfy chairs, music, some cookies, people bumping each other in the cramped stacks. It’s so cozy and friendly that it’s all I can do not to put it on my ‘errands run’ every week. Well, books are staples aren’t they? And I’m buying local and recyling and being neighborly. What do you mean, I’m rationalizing?!?

  5. Jenna said

    My home away from home. We’ve been here two years, and I’m still finding sections of interesting subjects I haven’t even touched yet…

    DH drops me off for the afternoon so that he can have the apartment to himself – I can’t decide whether he’s better off leaving me there a shorter amount of time, or longer. Short=don’t have enough time to figure out if these are really good books, get all of them. Long=have time to find more interesting books. Upshot? Somewhere between 20 and 30 things taken out on my card at any one time and no time to get through them all before the due date!

    I’m a bookworm, DH goes for the DVD shelf first. I also get my magazine fix, although those don’t tend to leave with me. Have yet to use the computers for more than the card catalogue, and I browse the notice board for activities every time I’m there, even write some of them down, but never make the actual event ;).

  6. Sounds like we’ve got some true-blue Library Lovers. Tres magnifique, all.

    Michelle: Love the idea of “trying out” a book before you buy. I do know that taking out a knitting book from the library rarely results in a finished product; two weeks isn’t really enough time for me to tie up a sweater. But it’s a pain to purchase a book pre-craft; could be errors, could be weird patterns that look good in the pics, but don’t turn out so well in yarn.

    Linds: Lab or no lab, your pop fiction library does sound awesome! Have you read anything good lately?

    Bobbi: Book sale? Sweet! I love that the library liquidates its assets at a weekly, neighborly sale. Proceeds benefit the library, correct? Very cool! Can you donate the books back to the sale once you’ve read them? That would be the ultimate altruistic recycle, I think.

    Jenna: Sounds like you two have a pretty good system worked out. Although I do know the pressure of having teetering towers of library items lurking in every corner. Does your library offer a way to make a personal reading list? Ours has a list feature worked into patrons’ online account information; this way, I can earmark items for future check-out without actually having to take them home (and get through them in two weeks).

  7. […] I need a good piece of fiction. Just finished The Virgin Suicides (beautiful!) and The Color Purple (epistolary, but all right), and I’m a sucker for epics like Lonesome Dove and singular voices as in Peace Like a River. One condition: I have to be able to get it at the library. […]

  8. […] a 1980s-era paperback copy of The Great Gatsby. Breaking up is hard to do, but there’s always the public library, right? By the same token, we’re music people, too, but we don’t keep discs around; […]

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