Tiny House Tuesday: Smallness in Seattle

August 19, 2008

WHO: A like-minded Living Smaller — maybe you!

WHERE: Seattle’s coolest cottage court

WHAT: A mini-Craftsman just like mine

SIZE: 486 square feet

Live Small with the Living Smallers!

Good news, everyone. One of Seattle’s award-winning Pine Street Cottages is on the market. Now, you can get Small and be my neighbor to boot. We’re talking communal courtyard, front porch covered with kiwi vines (they fruit!), great neighbors, and an awesome, walkable ‘hood. What’s not to like?

The houses are 1916 originals with early-90s floorplans. The teeny home in question has been redone recently, updated with a new kitchen and a cool back deck. The price? Well, $329,900. But imagine the benefits of living in the heart of Seattle! In a tiny house! Next door to me and the Mister and our cats!

And, if you’re really into the Living Smallers, you’ll be able to peek in my windows! Freaky? Sure! But I bet you’re actually a cool person with some voyeuristic tendencies. We can work it out, I promise.

Fineprint: Please note that this THT feature is self-serving. I want great neighbors, and I’m not afraid to say it.


10 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Smallness in Seattle”

  1. WOW – what a cute little place! The price is way beyond what I can afford. But I would love to live in that house. Thanks for posting this…I will pass it on…

  2. It is a bit expensive, isn’t it? We’ll see if it goes for that price, as well as how long it sits on the market (Seattle sales are quite sluggish). Very sweet, though, isn’t it? We love our Pine Street Cottages!

  3. Justin The (I'm Back From Israel) Man said


    We could be neighbors!

    Is this the one directly behind you? With all the weiner dogs?

    I want it!!! (Three exclamation points for good luck.)

  4. OMG is right. If you were my neighbor (yes, my directly behind, weinie dog neighbor), my happiness quotient would quadruple daily. Could you please relocate to Seattle? After all, your cafe seems to be very dangerous these days. ;)

  5. kristina said

    I love this house.. I would buy it in a second..if I didn’t have two kids under two, a husband and 3 husky dogs. But hay just think you could trade wiener dogs for huskies.. :)

  6. Almost, kristina, almost!

  7. vicki said

    Is this sweet little home still for sale. I am very interested. I love these cottages. Let me know. I don’t have a dog right now just a cat:)

  8. Sorry to report that it sold last Friday, vicki. Best of luck in your home search!

  9. vicki said

    Thanks for the info. If another one comes on the market can you notify me at this email, vjgordon@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it. I think this would be an ideal home for me and i love living small. Thanks for your website and Peace to your livingsmall Self.

  10. Thanks, vicki. These are great little houses, for sure.

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