Green Glamour

August 21, 2008

Here it is — the end of the 3 oz. tube of Lancome liquid makeup (concealer? skintone even-er? foundation?) I purchased about ten years ago. Pretty old, I grant you. But as I’ve ping-ponged between makeup and no makeup, fancy and free-spirited, I’ve never needed to buy a new tube.

Now, however, the big question is: with what should I replace yon facepaint? I’m hoping for something a little better for me and for the world (compostable packaging would be nice, e.g.). And after a walk-through of the Seattle Sephora, I’m stumped. I saw a slough of Bare Escentuals mineral makeup, but does it work? Will I look like a glamour puss? Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm? Gene Simmons? And just how good is it for the environment? So says the corporate website:

Bare Escentuals has been breaking all the rules about makeup with the introduction of our revolutionary foundation called bareMinerals®. This extraordinary beauty innovation is composed of 100% pure bareMinerals with no additives and zero irritants whatsoever.

Sure thing. But what the heck is a “bareMineral”? Sounds like an infomercial, right, skeptics?

Any suggestions, friends? Products you love? Products you hate? My face thanks you.

Sing it with me: “I love being a girl!”


8 Responses to “Green Glamour”

  1. Michelle said

    I’ve been wearing Bare Minerals for a few years, and I love it. You can adjust the coverage depending on which brush you use, so it can serve as a quick powder (with SPF) to even out skin tone to full wedding day make-up. And the infomercial is true; even I don’t wash my face before bed, it doesn’t make me break out.

  2. megan said

    my sisters-in-law both use bare escentuals and love it – I had a little make-over one time and it was really nice!

  3. Gwenda said

    I use a different brand mineral make-up, but second the others. It’s soooo much the best stuff I’ve ever used. Much more lightweight, but still covers uneven skin tones better and is easier to manage.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I was feeling wary (especially because of the weird, bad pun name). I’ll hop down to Sephora — or maybe the co-op, if they carry it — to pick some up. Maybe they have a trial size!

    Any word on biodegradable packaging, by any chance?

  5. Bobbi said

    What an eye-catching photo!

  6. Good ol’ Google. Never know what images you’re gonna find!

  7. Caroline Connelly said

    I seriously recommend looking at the selection at whole foods or your nearest health food market, even if the packaging isn’t compostable it’s still much better for you and the environment and the natural products have improved! Or even a local make-up store will have many products that Sephora would never have, personal favorite: Paul & Joe. Plus shopping locally is always a bonus!

  8. I’ve seen makeup at our food co-op; Ecco Bella, I believe. I suppose I’ll have to suck up the high cost and just try it out. I’ll look at Paul & Joe, too. Thanks for the rec, Caroline.

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