Tiny Pies for Tiny Homebodies

August 22, 2008

Adorable edibles alert, thanks to the eagle eye of the Living Small Mom: personal pies baked in canning jars, via Not Martha, a fellow Seattleite who likes to “make things.” Here’s what you need:

  • Standard issue, wide-mouth canning jars. Not Martha proprietor Megan used 4 oz. quilted can-or-freeze Kerr jars.
  • Pie dough. Mr. Living Small is the Pieman in our house; he prefers Cook’s Illustrated‘s vodka pie dough recipe, available here at Smitten Kitchen.
  • Pie filling. Canned or homemade. Whatev.

All you gotta do is assemble the pie (see Not Martha’s post for errata), cap ‘n’ freeze, and then thaw and bake right in the jar when you start jonesing for a mini-treat. Simple Simon! Easy as … pie, in fact.

Next on the list (heads up, The Choir): bacon cups. Do you think I can make these with veggie Bacon?


8 Responses to “Tiny Pies for Tiny Homebodies”

  1. So tiny and probably very yummy! I will make a few. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Michelle said

    I was just bemoaning my lack of freezer space when I realized what it’s filled with: strawberries and rhubarb. Once again, the universe provides the solution to a problem.

    Ooh, will you let us know how it goes with the veggie bacon cups?

  3. Penny said

    ooohhhh, thank-you so much for this link!!! I’m going to make these this afternoon!

  4. I need to get some more jars. And some veggie bacon! Let me know how they turn out for all of you (Penny, I’m assuming you’ll blog it!).

  5. The Choir said

    When anyone asks me anything to do with bacon, veggiebacon or freshfromtheporcine varieties, such as, “Can I make these with bacon?” there is only one true answer: “Of $%$##!!@ing course you can!”

    First rule about bacon: YES.
    Second rule about bacon: Do not talk about the rules of bacon.

    I recently made a PEN out of bacon! A PEN!!!!All it writes is, “That’s a beauty side of bacon, eh, Hoser?” but that’s because it was Canadian bacon.

  6. The Choir said

    Ask me about my bacon bed pillow. One use only, but oh, what a night! What a night!

  7. You’ve elicited another spit take, TC. That’s two for you, zero for me. What a game.

  8. Jessafur said

    Ohh! Your pies are SUPER cute!!! I made similar ones w/ lattice, if you’d like to check them out!! http://www.domesticrebellion.com/?p=80

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