Resurrecting the Record Album

August 25, 2008

This weekend, I mourned the years-past requisition of our record player to its lawful owners, my parents. The Living Small house is an iPod-only establishment — yes, easy on the small space (no CDs or albums to store), but a little less cush, perhaps. Records have history, and for this little Smaller, history = bonus points for both the second use and the ramifications thereof. (Liza Minelli could have touched this copy of the Cabaret soundtrack!) Sure, I could grab Liza’s belt-tastic “Maybe This Time” from iTunes. But where’s the retro fun in that?

So, today’s big Small query: Where can I get a tiny turntable? I’ve got a brick of unused 33’s loafing in my (parents’) closet. Things like Maria Muldaur and Blood on the Tracks and Zither Extravaganza! (which iTunes doesn’t have, by the way. What gives, Steve Jobs?). Not good, not good, right, clutter busters? If I’m not listening to them, and Moms and Daddy aren’t — they aren’t really zither people — shouldn’t they either get moving or get grooving? This is my Hobson’s choice: find a small-space player and devise some record storage, or let the other bizarre instrument lovers in the world get their zith on.

I choose bite-sized record player. Or, if I were flush, a vintage bubble from Electrohome, shown here in vegan cookbook author Sarah Kramer‘s awesome Vancouver home:

Any resources you can recommend for baby tables? Your attic, maybe?

Moreoever, how do you listen to your music? Are you iPod’ed out, just like us? Still listening to LP’s? A bit of both? Let’s hear it — preferably in high fidelity.


8 Responses to “Resurrecting the Record Album”

  1. The Choir said

    Well, you know how I listen to MY 1,500 lps–BY LIVING LARGE! I spin my lps frequently, namely listening to the artist’s entire oeuvre when a new release is out. I have a very decent turntable and had the smarts to buy, in 1995 before the price of good diamond cartridges tripled (Shure decided to NOT sell directly to the public any further and picked a seller in CO that tripled the prices from $100 each to $300 each), 3 cartridges that will last me my lifetime. I use CDs mostly at home, my I-Pod when walking, and in my car only Books-on-CD mp3 format, as a CD holds up to 14 hours of a book. Not sure about the tiny turntable options. BUT, you can transfer them to CD (read: I can at school for you), and then we can BOTH sing, “Baby you’re just a three-dolla, baby you’re just a three-dolla, baby you’re just a three-dolla bill”!!!

  2. The Choir said

    I will BOTH belt out “Maybe This Time” (Momma always said I could sing…) AND watch David Lean’s Hobson’s Choice, which I own on DVD, with you!

  3. You and your large living and your iPods and your three dollar bills! I’m glad to know you’re always there for me, Choirboy, in Liza-singing, record-spinning splendor. Can we listen to Frank Sinatra next time we come to dinner? For serious?

  4. Grant Wagner said

    May I recommend a ion usb record player, available from here It’s relatively small for a fullsized turn table and will import a record directly into your itunes for uploading to your ipods.

    As for me, I’m completely a digitial child. I even had a computer pluged into my car for mp3s LONG before the Diamond Multimedia made it reasonable and Apple made it fashionable. I prefer to buy CD’s, as it keeps me away from the “rights management” and poor quality of on-line digital music stores. I rip my CD’s to flac files, which are rather large but completely lossless, support information tags, and have the ability to detect damage to the files.

    I then use tools on my computer to convert automatically all my flac files to either ogg files for my devices that can handle them, or very high quality mp3 for my devices that can not, like the Creative Vision I keep for my pocket and my car.

    My wife however, completely bows her head at the Church of Steve.

  5. Wow, Grant. You’re so much more tech-savvy than the Smaller. I love this little player, too. Very sleek. And only $100! Thanks so much for the link. And for the term “ogg file.” So Middle Earth.

  6. […] 12, 2009 Turns out a little online pining for my once-dormant record collection = an awesome birthday gift: a Living Small–sized […]

  7. Tony said

    They dont come any smaller than a Sound Waggon although I wouldn’t want it near amy of my vinyl!!

    I dont miss vinyl half as much as tapes, suppose it was the craft that went into making the awsomest mix tapem, just clicking a few buttons and making a play list is not at all as fulfilling.

    • That is SO AWESOME. It makes me nervous, but. Wow.

      Mix tapes are rad. You’re right. Once, my high school boyfriend made me a mix tape that was lopsided: mix on one side, “Dancing Queen” over and over and over on the other. It was the coolest gift.

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