Now you drink it, now you don’t.

August 26, 2008

Need an slick space to store your syrah, Captain Smooth? Look no further than this multifunctional piece for the art-loving, small-space-living vinophile: A convertible mini bar/side table from the MoMA Store. Okay, so this is a bit chichi, but I’m all for double-duty furnishings like this; plus, the dollars (450 of them, to be exact) support art. Good for the community. Good for the space. Good for the soul (and for the social hour).


5 Responses to “Now you drink it, now you don’t.”

  1. The Choir said

    Ala “Name That Tune,” “I can make that winebar for under $250!!!” Make me an offer! (But yes, LS, there would have to be sliding removable panels of MOMA art that can be frequently switched depending on your daily art desires and weekly tastes. I do have one question for MOMA: What kind of wood is that?

  2. You should make that mini bar for your home! If it’s even close to as awesome as the thermobox you made for us, then you’d be set for life. I’ll call MoMA and tell them I’ve found another supplier.

  3. Justin The (Anchor) Man said

    I can hear Ron Burgundy petting his chest hair with delight!

  4. […] killer centerpiece. It is hollow, so perhaps I could stash a tiny bottle of liquor in it, à la the wino side table or a miniature […]

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