8 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

August 31, 2008

Short report, it seems: I steered clear of thrift this month, with the exception of one green-and-white safari-looking camp shirt from the Village of Value, in honor of our anniversary excursion to the San Juans, and in honor of camp shirts, really — who doesn’t love ’em? In addition, my Mommo second-lifed a cropped, bright-bright teal jacket which I attempted to wrest from her in July along with the other round of handmedowns. She’s good people, Ma Mère.

As we roll into fall (it starts early here in the Northwest), and as I see all of those gorgeous mustards and burnt oranges and rich reds and blues parade down the runways, e.g. at Marc Jacobs (may I invoke the vernacular OMG here?):

I’m hoping I have the wherewithal to resist letting Pantone (and Marcky-Marc) dictate my wardrobe.

But I’d look so lovely in burnt orange. And rich red. Even mustard, as long as it isn’t too close to my kisser.

Four months left. Four months left. Four months left.

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7 Responses to “8 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Leslie said

    Rich red…cinnamon…mustard not so much…you are a lovely model for the vibrant fall colors. You don’t even have to “have your colors done” as in the 80’s.

  2. I hope that I can find some of said colors at the thrift stores! Thanks for the compliment, Moms.

  3. Emily said

    Oh how I wish I could wear anything in the yellow family! Damn my olive complection! My daughter can rock orange like no one else – and thankfully she’s an enlightened enough child to see past the fact that it’s not pink ;-)

  4. But what if you pair your yellow with something that complements your skin tone? What if you wear a mustard pencil skirt with a deep teal top? I can see it, Emily! I can see it!

  5. Emily said

    Hmmm… so long as I keep it away from my face, I just may be able to pull it off! But mustard and teal? Eeek… They’re lovely together but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull it off.

  6. Then how about mustard and olive? Or another fall color, like cinnamon brown or chocolate? Maybe not so bold, but equally awesome.

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