I’ve been Bumbershot!

September 2, 2008

In all my years as a Washingtonian, I’d never gone to Bumbershoot. Until yesterday.

I hit the humongous music and arts fest with my Husbear, plus our dear old buddy Jon. See?

Here’s the Small stuff: Bumbershoot ’08 was carbon neutral and green-powered, people. The whole darn festival. A feat of Small strength, indeed. Plus, it showcased all sorts of local musicians and artists (and some big timers, too, like that “two turntables and a microphone” guy and The Offspring, who were big timers maybe 15 years ago).

My music faves?

Vince Mira, an Emerald City–livin’, teenage Johnny Cash. Hello? They make kids like this? In Seattle? I ran into Vince post-show, just as he was boarding the Wild River amusement park ride at the Seattle Center Fun Forest. Turns out he’s been doing the Cash thing for a year. A year, he says. Vince, you are a prince. (I made a rhyme!) Check out his new album, produced by John Carter Cash. Set to release in early November.

Blitzen Trapper, a spacey-folky Led Zeppelin-meets-The Band throwback. Fronted by Jakob Dylan’s doppelganger (who sounds a little like Jakie’s dad) and a guitarist who, from 50 yards away, looks like a cutiepie Ralph Malph sporting friendly muttonchops, The Blitz blew me sky high with its long jams and stringy, Robbie Robertson harmonies. And, these boys are from Portland, Seattle’s greener, mellower Oregon sister.

My artist faves?

Justin Hillgrove, monster-painter extraordinaire. This Snohomish resident paints little robot bears and interpretations of the Jabberwocky, all in a bright, round, slightly sinister cartoon style.

Anna Vintage Jewelry, basically the best handmade, recycled baubles I’ve ever seen. In my life. Oh my god. Made by Portland lady Anna Korte, these pieces (with the exception of ear wires and clasps) are made of true-blue vintage finds, sourced from defunct jewelry warehouses, antique malls, and estate sales. Add the beauty of the pieces to the fact that Anna designs her lines based on inspiration from the work of a chosen poet, and you’ve got some seriously smart art, both earth- and word-wise. I’ll just come out and say it: Anna, will you be my best friend (who gifts me with incredible reimagined, literary jewelry for my birthday)?

Can’t wait for next year. Did you do the ‘shoot? What did you see?


6 Responses to “I’ve been Bumbershot!”

  1. Lindsay said

    I love Blitzen Trapper too! If you like them, you may also like Two Gallants. (Chris first heard them at a Two Gallants show…)

  2. Oh yes — we almost caught their show! I’ll check them out from the library. Thanks for the recommendation, Linds.

  3. Donna Isobel said

    So glad you got to go. Look like you found some fun music.. yay…

  4. We did! Maybe next year we’ll rock out together — Team Isobel and Team Living Small unite!

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  6. […] indecision. Enter ReadyMade, a DIY’ers dream mag, a copy of which I picked up for free at Bumbershoot. The August/September issue featured a whole article on curtains. W00t!, as they […]

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