Small Town Green: Magazine Exchange Rack

September 3, 2008

Whilst on our anniversary staycation, the Living Smallers came across this great green fixture outside the Friday Harbor ACE Hardware store: A magazine exchange rack. What a prime idea for recirculating reading material. Each rag gets several reads, and, with a large-scale rack like this, people don’t have to subscribe to multiple publications; inevitably, folks can find the titles they want, as left by their neighbors. Kudos to you, Friday Harbor.

Do you have a similar exchange in your town?


5 Responses to “Small Town Green: Magazine Exchange Rack”

  1. Emily said

    Not in our town… but I bring my magazines in to work and they seem to disappear quickly from the breakroom. I’ve also been to a bunch of resort-type places where paperbacks are left and taken by the guests.

    It’s all very fabulous in a sharing-with-your-neighbor kind of way!

  2. Good that you’ve taken this mentality to the office! I’ve seen similar mag racks at the gym, too. I suppose a town-wide exchange could get unwieldy for the person or organization charged with its upkeep.

    Do you get to discuss the magazines with your coworkers, or do they keep quiet when they’ve snagged a good rag?

  3. Emily said

    Honestly, I only give up the mags that I don’t read. Is that bad? The subscriptions were mostly gifts (stupid gifts) so I figure I’d let someone enjoy them since it’s not me! My “Conde Naste Traveler” is enjoyed but is time sensitive so there’s no need to hoard them like “House Beautiful”!

  4. Corrie said

    I also saw this in Friday Harbor, earlier this summer- it is really a great idea. When I was a grad student with no washing machine I used to take my magazines to the Laundromat and they were always happy to take them.

  5. Emily: I totally understand the pull to keep your favorite magazines. I have my Blueprints stashed and in-tact. Likewise most of my domino magazines. I think you’re okay giving away the others; give them a second life.

    Corrie: Laundromats are great idea. I hadn’t thought of those. Love it!

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