Take the pen!*

September 10, 2008

See this? This is a refillable bullet pen. It is made of recycled Corian. And it is handmade by my friend Jill‘s dad. I am (nearly) speechless over this work of beauty, lathed by a Washington artisan out of the garbage dump diva that is Corian.

Ted, we’ve never met, but you have won me over with this pen (and the free veterinary advice re: my needle-noshing Persian). I hope you feel the Living Small love way over there on the Eastside.

Where are the other recycling craftspeople? I know, I know; they are out there. Junk Jewelry Lady is one of my specials. But where are the folks creating tools (like pens) out of second-use materials? Any blogs you’ve found?

*Living Small Seinfeld reference no. 1 — after all this time, even!


6 Responses to “Take the pen!*”

  1. Anthony said

    If the pens are available online, please email me the web address. Thanks.

  2. Sadly, Anthony, they are not; this is Jill’s dad’s hobby, but Jill is trying to convince him to offer them for purchase. I will certainly post the address when/if this happens.

    They are amazing, right?

  3. Sue said

    All of life is a Seinfeld episode! I knew the reference the moment I read the title. Great pen — kudos to Jill’s dad.

  4. I completely agree, Sue. “Look to the cookie” is one of my most-lived Seinfeld moments.

    The pen is great. Perhaps we can convince Ted to peddle them online.

  5. Bobbi said

    A friend has an online green product website that this would be perfect for. Have your friend’s dad check out http://www.allgreenthings.com and say Bobbi sent him. I’d be happy to do the connecting. My friend is ethical, wonderful, easy to get along with and successful. Even though she just started the site in the beginning of the year, she’s going to be in 2 national magazines within the next few months. Hey, LivingSmall, contact me.

  6. Thanks, Bobbi. I’ll pass this on. Very cool website. While some items are a little high-end, she’s stocked lots of well-priced, green gifts and essentials. Check it out, everyone.

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