Etsy Love: Off the Record

September 12, 2008

It’s true — I *heart* Etsy. Today marks the first official Living Small Etsy Love post. So many Etsy sellers, so little time; so I thought I’d share some of my favorites in a Small series.

We’re kickin’ it off with a showcase of Living Small reader Cori’s own Off the Record, featuring hand-printed stationery (she carves her own stamps!) and other lovelies, including decorative garter flasks (for your inner flapper) and this set of awesome vinyl record mail holders. Here’s my favorite set of notes; I’m nuts for those acorns!

off the record acorn notes

Great work, Cori. Keep it up! (Maybe with that matryoshka stamp I saw on your blog. Or the owl. Or the pistol. You know, whatever.)

Share the Etsy love! Any favorite shops?


2 Responses to “Etsy Love: Off the Record”

  1. core said

    Thank You Thank You! Imagine my excitement when I check in on one of my favorite blogs and see myself! I’m so flattered <3

  2. Well, you make beautiful things! How could I not start off with your stuff?

    And thanks for the compliment, as well. I appreciate it.

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