September 16, 2008

The cats have fleas.

These (gorgeous, sweetiepie, loveydovey) cats:

Have these:

Grody! And itchy, too! We tried baths in Dr. Bronner’s, vacuuming, flea combing — all to no avail. So we vetted it and got the Frontline, a nasty chemical cocktail that supposedly interrupts the flea life cycle to rid your pet of blood-sucking pests.

Just yesterday, however, I ran across this post on natural flea remedies at Apartment Therapy. From salt to cedar, essential oils to vinegar, it appears that you can bust the little biters with household goods. Has anyone tried any of these methods? Or is Frontline the bottom line?


11 Responses to “Fleabit!”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    As much as I’m normally against using odd chemicals for things around the house, nothing really works as well as Frontline. It literally saved our marriage. It works quickly and effectively the first time.

    If you still have fleas after the first usage, then start looking around for sources where they might get them. No remedy will work as well as prevention.

  2. Rhonda said

    I generally try to avoid the chemical alternatives, too, but I must say also made an exception for the over-the-counter version of the frontline drops. From what I understand it is deadly to marine life so if you have an aquarium or if your kitties go outside near any bodies of water, try to keep them in for a couple days after you apply. But on the good side, we only did one application, several years ago, and really have not had a problem since, with our dog or cat. So if it interrupts the cycle for years and then you can use other less harmful stuff in the meantime, maybe it is not so bad in balance? That’s what I decided anyway. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, both. I suppose I can’t live with the little buggers, and I’m sure my sweeties are in dismal condition, so it is best for all of us.

    Perhaps I’ll try the salt/dessicant idea on the couch and carpet, however, just to be sure the nasties don’t survive despite the Frontline. Glad to hear others have resorted to it as well!

  4. libraryliz said

    I found your blog through a link of a link of a link. I was quite relieved when I moved to Alaska to discover they basically don’t have fleas at all up here, and I no longer have to give my cat frontline or any other such treatment.

    But I’m guessing that won’t work for you.

  5. Maybe I need to move northward…

    Glad you found the blog!

  6. Riotflower said

    Sorry to hear about the fleas!
    What I remember my parents using during my childhood is “diatomaceous earth”…Once the animals were treated, they sprinkled this on fabric surfaces which couldn’t be laundered, like the carpet and couches. It was later vacuumed up and took care of the problem.
    Good luck and thanks for a great blog!

  7. I’ve heard of this earth; I’ll look it up.

    Thanks for compliment, too. Right back at you! (Check out the Riotflower blog, everyone; great photos, great crafts, great cooking!)

  8. Riotflower said

    Thanks so much for the shout-out!

  9. marissa said

    I’ve used table salt poured over the carpet and upholstered furniture to get rid of fleas. It worked very well, but you’re supposed to leave in on for 24 hours which kind of sucks if you like walking around bare-footed. But one day with salt encrusted feet is worth being rid of nasty fleas for a good long while. I have vinyl floors right now so the last flea infestation we had called for Advantage flea stuff.

  10. I’ve heard that salt can act as a desiccant — thanks for the firsthand account, marissa. I’ll give that a whirl next time my kitties start itching. Thanks!

  11. […] 20, 2009 Long about a year ago, the Small housecats ran with fleas. We went with Frontline, which cured the kitties, but probably wasn’t […]

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