Park(ing) Day is tomorrow!

September 18, 2008

Take back the asphalt with National Park(ing) Day tomorrow, a nationwide celebration of (and demonstration for) city parks. Founded by the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit organization, Park(ing) Day aims to “promote the need for more parks by creating temporary public parks in public parking spaces.”

It’s true! You can do it in Seattle; check out the areas already slated for parkifying. Or, visit your nearest “park” for a picnic, a game of frisbee, or just some old-fashioned conversation. Not in Seattle? Park(ing) Day is happening all over. So park the car, then park yourself. (And don’t forget to say Yar! simultaneously — tomorrow is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

Photo of Park(ing) Day 2007 outside the Nomad Cafe, Oakland, California. Courtesy of Justin the (Park(ing)) Man.


7 Responses to “Park(ing) Day is tomorrow!”

  1. Emily said

    Sorry for the late comment but it was a bit of a busy weekend! Here’s the Park(ing) Day in San Francisco…

  2. That’s a beauty, Emily! Thanks for sharing. Was that near your place, or did you just happen upon it?

  3. Emily said

    It was a block away from my office. I happened upon it on the way to work!

  4. Awesome. Glad you got a snap of it to share.

  5. Justin (Park(ing)) Man said

    Hey, I recognize that place!

    Park(ing) Day 2008:

  6. Thanks for the link, JtM. I was wondering whether you’d find Der Nomaden ’07 here at Living Small.

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