Small Space St. Bernard?

September 19, 2008

You heard right! According to Adrienne at Apartment Therapy, St. Bernies love living small. So do Mastiffs and, believe it or not, Great Danes.

While the Living Smallers are feline fanatics (okay, Persian feline fanatics), we both bear soft Spots (pun intended) for the Fidos and Rexes out there. So, when I clicked through to this post about little-lovin’ doggies, I got a bit of a hankering for my own small space pooch. Here are the breeds AT recommends, based on their tolerance for small spaces and their love of the great indoors:

  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund
  • Pug
  • Bichon Frise
  • Pekingese
  • Bassett Hound
  • Whippet
  • Mastiff
  • Great Dane
  • St. Bernard

My pick? The Mastiff or the Bichon. I want either a big dog or a dog with big hair, I suppose.

What kind of animal(s) do you have? Are you a puppy person? A cat addict? Into iguanas? A fan of fish? Rabid for rats?

(Okay. I’ll stop now.)


9 Responses to “Small Space St. Bernard?”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    A house just ain’t a home without a nice furry cat. I got Midori shortly after I moved out into my first bachelor’s apartment. Remember to support your local animal shelter, help them free space by adopting!!!

  2. Emily said

    I also have a shelter kitty. I’ve had her going on 15 years now and I’m not sure I’ll replace her when she goes. The hair… it kills me.

    I just wanted to throw a giant warning out about Bassett Hounds lest you fall for their saggy-faced siren song! These are NOT dogs for the faint of heart! They are not good “alone” dogs. They are super destructive if left alone. Best to get 2 if you don’t work at home and have a HIGH tolerance for coming home to a detroyed house, even if you’re only gone a few hours a day.

    Trust me on this… I learned the hard way!

  3. Michelle said

    We have two guinea pigs, which are perfect for our current lifestyle–they offer an endless amount of entertainment and affection but are quite low-maintenance.

  4. Grant: Midori! Named after the liqueur or the violinist?

    Emily: Thanks for the Bassett Hound caveat. I know what you mean about the hair; sometimes, I can’t deal. But then I look at those sweet faces and I melt.

    Michelle: Way to go on the guniea pigs. Those are total small space creatures. Do they run around the house, or are they strictly cage dwellers?

  5. Grant Wagner said

    Actually, neither, at least not directly. Midori is both a common Japanese female name (I was seriously into anime at the time) and directly translates to Green, which is the color of her eyes.

  6. Jocelyn said

    Basset hounds…actually, our family has had adorable Edgar for six years and he is a fabulous indoor, low maintenance, friendly basset, who does not damage anything – might even have less hair issues than the cat. He is the perfect small space or city dog except for one thing: the smell. I can handle dog smell, even wet dog smell, but a basset hound, partiularly Edgar any way, has an odor that can be almost unbearable. Have been truly enjoying Living Small – thanks for the great blog!

  7. Grant: Thanks for the lesson; I had no idea that Midori meant green. Very cool.

    Jocelyn: First, I *heart* the name Edgar, especially when said Edgar is a Bassett Hound. What an apropos name for such a dog. Didn’t know about the smell; I wonder if it’s a breed thing. And second, thanks for the kind words; glad you enjoy Living Small!

  8. Michelle said

    The guinea pigs have cages with lots of room to race around, which they do every morning at 0500 (I’m so glad we finally have them out of our bedroom!). We also give them “floor time” as often as we can. Our younger pig, Shelby, races around the kitchen, singing, popping (it’s like a little happy seizure), and exploring. If we put LuLu on the floor, she looks at us as though saying, “Why? But as long as I’m here, give me a treat.” Like most rodents, they love to chew, so they have to be closely supervised so they don’t nibble electric cords and computer cables. A well-trained pig will leave the cords alone and come when called. Alas, our pigs our not well-trained–but they’re adorable.

  9. Ha ha! I love it. I had no idea that you could train guinea pigs. Have you tried to teach them? Are they too willful?

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