Gott segne Sie, Oktoberfest.

September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn, everyone. Today marks the beginning of that most crisp of seasons, one laden with bountiful fruit and veg and bright, jewel-toned foliage (and fashion).

Husband and I heralded the harvest season this weekend at Fremont Oktoberfest (okay, it’s still September, but beer, people), where we sampled suds from more than a dozen Northwest breweries. The fest wasn’t just Small in the locavore regard, either; upon entry to the biergarten, all drinkers were given a 5 oz. reusable mug — plastic, but not disposable — and a handful of wooden tokens good for one tipple each. Here’s us with mugs (well, one; I’d retired mine after five tokens’ worth):

Yes, it rained, and yes, it was kind of crowded, but dude — those Germans know how to party. Ach, du lieber!

Do you Oktoberfest? Are tasting mugs the norm? How do you plan to fall into autumn?


6 Responses to “Gott segne Sie, Oktoberfest.”

  1. Jill said

    Gott sei dank: Der Herbst ist endlich hier – und auch Oktoberfest! Welches war deines lieblingsOktoberfestbier?

  2. My lieblingsOkoberfestbier was a toss-up: loved the Laughing Buddha Ginger Pale Ale, but I also fell for the Cherry Porter from Lang Creek Brewery. What’s a bierlieberfrau to do?

  3. Michelle said

    I heart Oktoberfest, I just wish south florida would celebrate more!
    Every year on the fall equinox I celebrate by watching or reading “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day” and treating myself to a butterscotch-dipped ice cream cone from DQ. It just seems like the perfect way to welcome in the cooler weather!

  4. I suppose if that’s as close to Oktoberfest as you can get, enjoy that butterscotch cone and that willy-nilly, silly old Bear.

  5. Justin (German Sausage) Man said


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