Tiny House Tuesday: Humble Hermitage

September 23, 2008

WHO: Mats Theselius of Arvesund Trädesign

WHERE: Sweden

WHAT: The ultimate hermit cabin

SIZE: Original: 86 square feet; Large: 108 square feet

Skol, hermits!

Want a backyard (or backwoods) hideaway, made green with reclaimed wood from dilapidated Swedish barns? Then hie thee hence to Arvesund online, where you can grab yourself a piece of Scandinavia via the Hermit’s Cabin, an all-weather “room for retreat and stillness.” Pick up the Original model, made for one, or the Large version, designed for a cozy pair.

Since 2001, Arvesund has been building these Walter Huston-worthy bungalows all over the world. Just add a wood stove, some Mission-style furnishings and frontiery pelts, and a gold panning operation, and you’re set. In all (well, some) seriousness, the Ozarks look could be great on a piece of country property; a handful of Hermit’s Cabins could make for a sweet guesthaus collective — and a great place to rusticate.

Via TreeHugger.


2 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Humble Hermitage”

  1. So cool! Thanks for posting the info. :)

  2. I thought you might like this one, Rowdy. :)

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