So you want to sell your car?

September 25, 2008

High-flying toast to the RowdyKitten, who posted some fine links on living a car-free lifestyle. If you’re waffling on whether to sell your wheels, give these a read.

As city dwellers, we Living Smallers have it easy; living without a car has been ultra-simple (Note: special thanks to those who have given us rides late at night when we are laden with heavies, like jack-o-lanterns, for instance). Our proximity to all kinds of amenities — check out our Walk Score! — keeps us kicking pavement, and the bus system gives us a host of mass transit options when the weather turns tempestuous, or when we have a long way to go.

Needless to say, parting with the car may not be as quick and dirty for those who live in suburban or rural communities. In those cases, however, bikes are an option, as are scooters, which use far less petroleum than automobiles.

Anybody out there living small (transportation-wise) in a small town? Anyone going completely carless?


14 Responses to “So you want to sell your car?”

  1. Anthony said

    My family has a small car, but we didn’t have on for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until our move to the burbs of Philadelphia that we “needed” wheels. We bought a small Chevy Aveo, which we share. We use it only on weekends though. We take public transportation or bike most days. I also have a 2000 Buell Blast motorcycle which gets ~65 MPG. W00t!

  2. Nice to know that mass transit is available even in the suburbs. With a family to transport, it can be difficult to live car-free for long, I’d imagine. But kudos to you for keeping your ownership to one.

  3. Michelle said

    I have been living car-free for a few months now, and I LOVE it! I live in Sarasota, FL which is a small city that has a decent bus system thankfully, but when I told my friends and family that I was thinking of selling my car they all said that I wouldn’t be able to get around without it. I am enjoying proving them wrong! If anyone is thinking of selling their car they should research it first, but don’t be scared by all the naysayers! Just because they’ve never thought about it can’t be done!

  4. Grant Wagner said

    It’s been three in a half years since I moved from Baltimore to the Far Chicago suburbs, and went from car free to car dependent. While a car free lifestyle is currently not a possibility for me, I am interested in what more efficient options are available to me. I’ll be replacing my decade old Chrysler Concorde here in a year or so, and there are suppose to be a few major new plug-in hybrid or other exotic green options coming out by then. The one I like the most is a test car by VW ( which through a small size, very light frame, and a conventional but very efficient gas engine, gets over 280 mpg. Sure it only seats two in tandem, but how much car does the average commuter really need?

  5. Emily said

    I sold my car a month and a half ago! It was paid for, cheap to insure and got about 30 mpg. BUT I had to move it twice a week for street cleaning (and forgot at least twice a month @ $60 a pop). The last couple of times when I went to move it the battery was dead from the drippy foggy blech weather we have all summer.

    So I sold it.

    When I need to go to have a car I’m the biggest cheerleader for Zipcar EVER! I LOOOOVE Zipcar! (Any one want to join? I’ll give you free driving funds!)

    When I visited Seattle this summer I convinced my friends to sell their second car and join Zipcar for the times they needed two!

  6. Corrie said

    Have you seen the Bus Chick (a.k.a. Carla Saulter) blog?

    You have to love this girl. She and her husband are car-free, even with a baby. She has all sorts of tips and tricks on her blog for how to deal with just about anything. Kudos to her for riding the bus through pregnancy and with a small baby in tow!

  7. Thanks for “high-flying toast!” You are so sweet. Hugs!

  8. Isn’t it incredible the flak some folks give when you talk about getting rid of your car? I hear you, Michelle, but I’m glad it didn’t stop you!

    Tough when you live in a carcentric place, Grant. Are there any train options outside Chicago? Good luck with the new wheels, too; looks like you’re doing your homework.

    Emily! High five for Zipcar! Our favorite little zipper is named Derman (which we find hilarious). Do you have a special car? I know you use a pickup for various DIY errands…

    Thanks for pointing me to Bus Chick, Corrie. She’s awesome!

    And you’re very welcome, RowdyK. You inspire me daily!

  9. Emily said

    The Zipcar closest to my heart is Sweden (Volvo S40) but my daughter thinks there’s none finer than Easter (Honda Element). But I have to say that Travolta (Toyota Tacoma) has been my right-hand going to the dump man!

    I LOVE how they all have names. We only call them by name and we act kind of giddy when we “meet” a new car. Their marketing team is probably doing belly-bumps to hear that! hahaha

  10. I want to know how they name them. Do you think that’s the job of a single person? If so, I think I’d like to have that job. My first car would be named Axl. The second, Slash.

    Oh boy.

  11. Emily said

    GNR references?!? I heart you, LivingSmall!

  12. Nothing else would do, would it? :)

  13. Christa said

    I’ve been car-free for almost a year. It has a been a wonderful experience and I never want to own a car again!

    I’ve developed a car-free lifestyle promotion project:

    Submit your car-free experiences and inspire others to try the car-free lifestyle!

    Christa :)

  14. Great site idea, Christa. I look forward to hearing from even more car-free folks. Thanks for sharing.

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