Etsy Love: Broad Street

October 2, 2008

Look at this! Whole handfuls of vintage costume brooches wired, soldered, and strung together to form giant pendants. This is Broad Street, a Chicago-based Etsy shop whose glorious mashups make grandma’s jewels new again.

While on the higher end ($70 to $100 will set you up with that ever-important “statement necklace”), these pieces are one-of-a-kind, handmade extravaganzas of blingblang. I would wear one. Every single day.

Here’s Gold Eden, an ethereal mix of flora and pearls:

Be still, my beating heart.


2 Responses to “Etsy Love: Broad Street”

  1. vanessa ziff said

    Happy Birthday, Libra! Mine was 9/29….
    Your site is deelish. And I LOVE Etsy.
    Word to small living.

    VZ, Fellow VCer

  2. Vanessa! So glad you found me here at Living Small! Word to you, and to Etsy, and to Libras, and to everything, basically.

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