Cribbage Crazy

October 7, 2008

We’re all about pint-sized pastimes here Chez Petit Living. From making our own music (no electricity necessary!) to canning our own summer fruits, we’ve got the bug for living Small in our leisure. And thanks to my friend Jill (an LS regular β€” her dad made the rad recycled Corian pen, remember? Yeah. She’s that cool, too.), we’ve gotten the bug for cribbage:

Yes, cribbage!

It’s true: the game you thought fit for Aunt Gladys and her old lady cronies is basically the awesomest card game ever. It’s a madhouse over here with The Cribb β€” bedtime, mealtime, anytime’s a good time for a throwdown. All we need is our little board (the pegs nestle inside the bottom of the board; such a feat of engineering and clever storage!) and a deck of cards.

The best part? You can pick up a cribbage board at any secondhand store. I swear on all that I hold dear. If you don’t find a cribbage board at your local thrift shop, I will mail you $1.75 so you can buy one at the thrift shop one town over. Like wreath forms, cribbage boards flock to bargain basements like those proverbial flies to honey.

Why, you ask? Possibly because their previous owners didn’t know how to play the game. So, lest you find yourself in a similar jam, I’m giving you a direct line to The Rules, as set forth by the American Cribbage Congress.

Got it? Now, get pegging. Tell me how it goes.


12 Responses to “Cribbage Crazy”

  1. Michelle said

    I love cribbage! The first hint of fall in the air makes me crave bowls of soup, mugs of hot chocolate, and card games. I’ve been on a big Cassino kick lately–if you’ve never played, I highly recommend that you give it a try.

  2. Jill said

    Three cheers for cribbage! I’m so glad to hear that it has become a regular part of your life. The world needs a little more of this little game. 15 for 2, 15 for 4, a pair for six…

  3. Grant Wagner said

    So that’s what those goofy peg boards are used for. My sister and I used to use them for dice races. Role the dice, advance your peg, win!

    Disclaimer, this was 20 some years ago.

  4. Absolutely, Michelle! I’m in complete agreement with the fall = card games mindset. We’ve never tried Casino, though I’ve heard it’s a good one. Do you know a good site or book that outlines the rules?

    Jilleth: Yes, yes, we love it! Thank you so much for teaching us on tri-pie day.

    Oh, Grant — you’re such a card (pun very much intended). Using a cribb board as the scorekeep for dice games is a great idea, however.

  5. The Choir said

    I LOVE cribbage! Best thing is sauteed bacon and onions and garlic with some RED cribbage, add some fennel seeds, and serve over rice for a really yummy vegan meal!

  6. Justin (The Skunk) Man said

    I love this post! Your verbiage is unparalleled.

    I also love cribbage. My friend Eric and I have an ongoing cribbage duel. Unfortunately for him, my double runs are just too much for his 15s.

  7. Oh, thank you, Skunky. Next time we get together, let’s have a go!

  8. Emily said

    Cribbage may be the *only* game to play ;-) My love for cribbage knows no bounds.

    Pick up a folding crib board – it’s smaller than a packof cards and will be your best friend while traveling. When I have my trusty board and a worthy opponent I am unconcerned about delays and general airport hassle.

    Next time I’m in Seattle I think we should have a tourney… let’s play Muggins… *if you dare*


  9. Muggins is new to me! Let me know when you’re up north again; we’ll have coffee (of course).

  10. DeAnna said

    I enjoy playing Cribbage so much and can see where that would help you pass the time. I met a group on so that I could sharpen my skills.

    I think Aunt Gladys is there!! : )

  11. Wow! I never thought about finding a group of cribbers on meetup. Great idea!

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