Snakes + Acorns = Snakorns

October 9, 2008

That’s right — snakorns!

It’s a lingua crafta mashup in honor of two great DIYs I discovered via ThreadBanger. One, a pair of Martha Stewart-approved snakes made from hardware-store paraphernalia; the other, a fuzzy take on the oak tree’s seeds.

Martha’s Creepy Snakes, manufactured from pipe insulation, nails, map tacks, and paint, are hilarious. Just look:

Can you imagine these in your trees come Halloween? See, I told you. Hilarious.

Betz White’s Felt Acorns — a combo of felt balls and real-life acorn caps — are a sweet tribute to fall:

felt acorns

How-tos on Martha’s and Betz’s respective sites. Have fun.


4 Responses to “Snakes + Acorns = Snakorns”

  1. core said

    I love those acorns-so cute!

  2. Aren’t they? I’m dying to make my own — just have to find some acorn caps.

  3. Leslie said

    You need to make the snakes! Way cool–in an Indiana Jones “Why did it have to be snakes” sort of way:-)

  4. You’re right! Great call, Mom. :)

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