Bringing Up Baby, a kiddie-craft roundup.

October 22, 2008

Babies, babies everywhere! I know a boatload of ladies who are either preggers or just post-partum — and that means it’s time for me to get crafty. Exempli gratia: this knitted bear softie, stitched with love for a friend’s little girl, Clio Robin, born in September.

I’m guessing that you know at least one woman who’s expecting, so, in lieu of making you dredge the world wide web for baby projects, I’ll bring the projects to you. (Plus, a few off-the-shelf items, in case the baby comes early, or you’re not feeling the DIY verve.)

Knits and Sews

  • Cloth Diapers from T-shirts. Not into swaddling baby’s butt in plastic? Try zipping off a dozen of these second-life diapers. An especially lovely present for the craft-happy momma who is kind of busy right now.
  • Birdmobile. Think Calder, not Caped Crusader. This twig-and-twine mobile blooming with tiny birdies is so adorable, I want to make one for my house. And I don’t even have a baby.
  • Kipling Sweater, Goldie Dress, and Zebra Cardigan. A trio of baby knits for all seasons and a range of ages. The Kipling Sweater, for a newborn, comes complete with a preppy-meets-super villain poppable collar. The Goldie Dress, knitted here with a variegated orange/yellow/turquoise yarn, makes the most of cute with little cap sleeves and a simple, Nehru-look split neck. And the Zebra Cardi kills with its customizable stripes. (I’m thinking chartreuse and aqua, or orange and royal blue.)

In the Kitchen

  • Baby Food, chez vous. Gerber, go home! Check out the comments on this post, which will lead you a bazillion baby food-making sources. If you’re into home canning, push your advantage: a presentation of homemade, organic baby mash could make an excellent welcome-to-the-world gift.
  • Compostable Baby Wipes. Every diaper-wearing baby requires some sort of baby wipe. So why not make your own biodegradable scrubbies with household ingredients? Better for baby, better for the planet.
  • Ikea-hack Play Kitchen. So maybe you don’t make this in the kitchen, and maybe this can wait until the baby can stand on its own. But this pretend prep-station comprised of Ikea components (and a few mini frypans) is one of the coolest kid crafts I’ve seen. What up-and-coming chef wouldn’t flip his lid for a little kitch like this?

Store-bought, but Still Rad

  • Wooden Toys. In the event that you’ve already given your fave kidlet a metric ton of t-diapers and host of birdmobiles and six gallons of mashed bananas, there are always wooden toys.
  • Organic onesies and tees. Etsy artist Foxy & Winston silk screens animal prints onto organic cotton onsies and t-shirts. Love the orange armadillo, in particular.
  • Hand-quilted bibs. Beautiful fabrics transform the everyday to art. From Set Carré, another Etsy crafter.

What little crafts have you created? Any suggestions from those with kids?


8 Responses to “Bringing Up Baby, a kiddie-craft roundup.”

  1. Rhonda said

    I love the bird mobile! I think I’m going to try to make some of the birds and use them as Christmas Tree decorations.

  2. Aren’t they beautiful? I love them, too — and as Christmas ornaments, they’d be awesome. Great idea. If you do it, will you send me a photo?

  3. Emily said

    What every new and/or expecting mom wants, from someone who has been there and lived to tell the tale!

    * someone to vacuum and dust
    * pedicures (especially if they can’t reach their toes!)
    * hot, home made food
    * a load of laundry done
    * time for a shower
    * diaper service (this is a GREAT gift for babyshower if they’re going the cloth route)
    * knit, real wool diaper “soaker” covers – again, if they are going cloth. fleece is a close second but there’s nothing better than old-fashioned lo-tech

  4. Great list! I’m going to reference it when the next baby shower comes along, or the next baby, as a matter of fact. Thanks.

  5. Emily said

    I know nothing of knitting, but this pattern looks perfect!

    Now I wish I was knitty!

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