Paneer, sans packaging

October 23, 2008

Say cheese! Then, curdle up with a homemade batch, thanks to this paneer recipe from The Kitchn, Apartment Therapy’s cooking offshoot. Sounds simple enough: All you need is milk, lemon juice (or another acidic liquid, I would imagine), some cheesecloth, and a colander.

You won’t get the taste of cave-aged cheddar, nor will you find yourself snacking on creamy brie, but you will get a light, slightly crumbly fresh cheese to sprinkle on salads, cube for curries, or add to fajitas. The beauty part? You know exactly what’s going into your queso (and, by extension, your tummy), and you avoid plastic packaging.

And, if you can localize your milk and grow your own lemons, you’re on the road to an even greener food-making whey. (Sorry — was that too cheesy?)


6 Responses to “Paneer, sans packaging”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    “Sorry — was that too cheesy?”

    Yep. Far to much cheese in this entry.

  2. Emily said

    Blaspheme! One can never have “too much cheese!” Now I just need a good recipe for Tikka Masala because it’s soooo yummy with paneer.

  3. Yes. Please. Tikka Masala.

  4. The Choir said

    Please. I’ll tikki your masala all right. This is brilliant. Think of all the variations with garden-herbs, different %’s of milkfat, essences of various fruits or veggies–Orange-zest/kalamata olive cheese? Sage/black pepper/buttermilk? Blueberry/egg yolk? Sundried tomato/paprika?–endlessly delightful to imagine and to try.

  5. I know! So many variations, just like liqueur and potatoes (there’s another one!).

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