10 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

October 30, 2008

Good grief. It’s been ten whole months since I took the plunge into No New Threads. October being my birthday month, I did receive a few thready gifts, including a set of orange stretchy gloves and an outsized purple satin clutch (thanks, Mom).

In addition, I snagged a pinstriped tissue tee at the thrift shop. Why? I’m so glad you asked!

I grabbed said shirt because The Man of Small gave me a screenprinting kit for my b-day! Still haven’t decided what to screen (I’ve been doodling without restraint), but I’ll hit on something. I’m just sure of it.

Get in on The Year of No New Threads!

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4 Responses to “10 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Rhonda said

    Oh I hope you share your creation on here, I’m sure it will be great! My Wardrobe Refashion time really changed my buying habits, though I was never a huge shopper. I have so much more fun now, trying to creatively acquire, re-purpose and re-fashion or make from scratch. And I still get so much inspiration and enjoyment from following the current participants, plus I “met” a whole bunch of new peeps whose blogs I now enjoy following. All in all just a great experience!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rhonda. I’m getting close to a workable design, and I’ll definitely share it here at Living Small.

    It is fun to forgo the new in lieu of the used or handmade. The thrill of the hunt, and all that. Wardrobe Refashion is definitely a great inspiration — good people, good projects, good times.

  3. Kissley said

    Happy belated birthday from The Kissley & Sasson Show (aka deux-oiseaux.blogspot.com) !!!

    I totally admire your plunge into No New Threads. I’m not as courageous because I’m such a girl of accessories and London is The Shopper’s Dream. I do try to buy local when I can and just live with holes in my jeans until it gets too cold that I have to buy tights to wear underneath. The thing that has held me back from becoming a complete shopaholic is that I can’t stand the crowds, and here crowds means millions!

    All the best.

  4. Oh, thank you, sweet Kissley. I subscribe to Deux Oiseaux — love you two birds.

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