This ain’t your Nana’s decoupage.

November 28, 2008

Cast out those visions of barfy Botticelli-embossed trinket boxes and Victorian Valentine-covered end tables. Time to take a walk on the wild (decoupage) side with Mr. Peacock, who upped the ante on this old-school art by decoupaging his ceiling. Voila!

Mr. P’s upside aviary makes for a grand statement — and it’s a fairly easy achievement, too, given the medium. What an eye-catching way to show off tall ceilings, or, to add visual interest to low ones.

What would you stick to your ceiling?

Via Design*Sponge.


4 Responses to “This ain’t your Nana’s decoupage.”

  1. TWB said

    What a great idea! I like it. I love the black and white birds.

  2. Very graphic and modern, yet the subject matter has a Victorian clout, doesn’t it. I love it, too.

  3. The Choir said

    Melanie Daniels (aka Tippi Hedren) would be HORRIFIED!!–nice job! And Suzanne Pleshette, too! And Rod Taylor! And Jessica Tandy!

  4. And Alfred Hitchcock.

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