11 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads

November 30, 2008

Eleven months down, Smallers. And believe it or not, no new threads graced the teeny house in November. Boring, right?

Well, I’ll tell ya: it was easy this month, given my major bout of fed-upness with the state of my closet, and, by extension, my goiterous wardrobe. This weekend, I planned to lance the thing and drain it of all the excess, but when I opened the closet to put away the teetering pile of clothes I’d left overnight on the ironing board, I lost my steam. Hadn’t I already tried this (like, last weekend)? Hadn’t I already been so overcome with emotion over giving up one of my two red trenchcoats (yes, two red trenchcoats) that I’d scurried away to inhale caramels and page through back issues of domino?

Feeling at a standstill. What should I do?

Note to the women I know personally: Please take the clothes and jewels I may bring to you, even if you don’t like them or they don’t fit, because if I know they are going to “a good home” (i.e., your Goodwill box), it’ll be easier. For you. For me. For everyone.

The Rest of The Year of No New Threads.

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3 Responses to “11 Mos. Down: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Jenna said

    Can you have a friend with a firm but loving demeanour come over and give you the straight goods on the fit and flattery of each piece? Who will then take away all the “no go”s right off the bat, will help you box up the “maybe”s, and leave you with a fabulous closet with space and filled with only things you love? Sometimes that extra opinion can stop you from waffling…

  2. Amanda said

    I go the Apartment Therapy route: I make a “sell” pile, a “donate” pile, and a “I would like to get rid of this but don’t know if I can” pile. I don’t look at the third pile for a week, during which time I groom my closet to perfection. At the end of the week, I’m usually more attached to my lovely new purged closet than I am to certain items, and am in a less emotional frame of mind to make decisions regarding those seven pairs of red heels. Good luck!

  3. Jenna: I should have someone help me out. I’ve tried to enlist my Man, but…well. He gets antsy. Perhaps I can work out a trade with my other friends suffering closet frustration. That would be a nice deal for the both of us, right?

    Amanda: I hadn’t thought of the AT route — great suggestion. I think I need to box up the stuff that I’m not ready to part with, and, in a few weeks, I’ll likely have forgotten it altogether. I hope. Thanks for mentioning this method.

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