Etsy Love: flasket (by yours truly!)

December 1, 2008

Call me biased. But I do love flasket because it’s my fresh, new Etsy shop!

That’s right, Smallers β€” I have joined the proud ranks of Etsy sellers with my own take on handmade. Check it out, friends: jewelry crafted out of secondhand and vintage materials. All kinds of reusing, repurposing, and second-lifing going on. Here’s a look-see:

Like what you see? A little lackluster?

What Etsy shops do you love?


3 Responses to “Etsy Love: flasket (by yours truly!)”

  1. core said

    Your very own Etsy shop? Exciting! I especially love the keys and steampunk elements in your jewelry. One of my (many) favorite Etsy shops is One of these days I’ll get the mermaid puppet.

  2. Laura said

    Lovely! Good luck to you, Etsy is fun!

  3. Thanks, both. I do like those shadow puppets — very fun and lovely to behold.

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