The Twelve Days of Craftsmas

December 12, 2008

So the economy’s in the pigpen. Gone are the free-wheeling seasonal shopping sprees of yesteryear. For 2-aught-8, it’s a homespun holiday, kitted out with handmade gifts — from decor to delectables — that are not only simple and/or lickety-split quick (read: perfect for the well-intentioned procrastinator in all of us), but also easy on the pocketbook.

That’s right: It’s Fa-la-la-la-la Time at Living Small, and from now until December 24, I’m bringin’ it, Craftsmas-style. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • Easy wreaths to make your front door (or favorite wall) look festive.
  • A sweet tree skirt — literally — for your faux or factual fir.
  • Simple paper ornaments, from teenies to gangly-danglies.
  • Clothes-cum-home decor and more!
  • Art and desk supplies that scream “too cool for school.”
  • Food, food, food. For people. For pets. For nourishment.

Merry Craftsmas, guys and dolls!

Photo: Shauna Alterio’s craft room, featured in ReadyMade magazine, Iss. 36.


6 Responses to “The Twelve Days of Craftsmas”

  1. Stacey said

    Any tips on green wrapping options? Lots of Freddy christmas cheer to you….

  2. The Choir said

    For gift-wrapping I use not-too-harshly recycled brown grocery store bags, self-imprinted with simple designs made from stamps cut from half of a potato, then package sashes or ribbon-ties culled from salvaged twine. Some newspaper pages might make an excellent front-package designs, also, and also pages ripped out from magazines for smaller gifts–you can also collage pieces from the latter onto brown paper.

  3. Grant Wagner said

    Woohoo! Living small, holiday style! Break out the TSO!

  4. Wrapping options are in the works, my friend Freddy! Great suggestion.

    And I love The Choir’s wrapping option — I believe I have received a few kraft-paper-wrapped prezzies in the past. Potato stamps are rad, too.

    You betcha, Grant; we’re all about a green Xmas here at the Living Small house!

  5. kristina said

    ack.. this reminds me, need to clean the craft/laundry room.

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