The Twelve Days of Craftsmas: Stocking Stuffies

December 16, 2008

Stuff those socks with these teeny treasures!

A BOX of FLEUR de SEL CARAMELS via first milk/Design*Sponge


FABRIC SCRAP HAIR PINS via CRAFT Magazine/Craftstylish


CRAZY CRAYONS via first milk (again!)/Martha Stewart online


(You gotta purchase the pattern set for $5: Ninja, Samurai, Knight, and Viking. Powerhouse!)


7 Responses to “The Twelve Days of Craftsmas: Stocking Stuffies”

  1. Lindsay said

    Oh, I really love the fighters and the crayons. Thanks for all the great ideas! I made the half-eaten gingerbread man ornaments, and they were a big hit.

  2. Grant Wagner said

    Ok, the CROCHETED FIGHTERS by NEEDLENOODLES are just awesome. I totally want a set for my desk. I gotta protect my stapler!

  3. Mouse said

    I tried Amanda’s fleur de sel caramels this weekend, and they are lovely indeed! (We have conferred, and highly recommend using a candy thermometer that goes all the way up to 248 degrees. They have them at good Targets.)

  4. Amanda said

    Yes. The Bad Target did not have them.

    I’m digging those fighters.

  5. The fighters are totally boss! Too bad my stocking is under the purview of Mr. Living Small, who doesn’t crochet.

    You’re pretty zippy with that sewing machine, Linds! I’d love to see pics of your gingers.

    And thanks for the errata on the caramels, Mouse y Amanda. I saw that you’d tried them, A, but weren’t too pleased with the results. I’ll have to check my candy thermometer.

  6. Justin The (Karate) Man said


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