The Final Countdown: The Year of No New Threads

December 31, 2008

Cue Europe. As of midnight tonight, the Year of No New Threads is over. And, barring any bouts of amnesia and/or sartorial apoplexy, I made it!

Despite the handful of *new*-new items I received as gifts (including those infamous tights and a small selection of Christmas gifts), I skated through an entire year without purchasing any previously unused clothing, shoes, or accessories. Personal best! Ha-cha!

How will I move forward, you ask? My logix:

  1. I’ve discovered that I’m not hard-wired for shopping. Or, at least, I’m not hard-wired for department store shopping.
  2. I’ve reaffirmed my faith in thrift — the Right Thing will show itself if’n I just have the patience to wait and to watch.
  3. I’ve saved big bucks by avoiding new-stuff stores. (Cha-ching-a-ding-ding.)
  4. I’ve supported small-time artists, like Dust Design Co. on Etsy, from whom I snagged this (bitchin’) recycled necklace as a Christmas present to my own self:

    Camaro necklace

    The Dead Milkmen are gonna tantrum!

I do admit that, once next year hits, I’ll have to break down and stock up on a few essential unmentionables. Plus, a pair of Hunter wellies (hopefully on eBay!), because my current rain boots soaked my socks during our last winter romp. Other than that, however, I think I’m on the secondhand-and-handmade wagon ’til the wagon wheels fall off.

Happy New Year of Few New Threads, folks. May 2009 bring you health, happiness, and the thrift finds of your dreams.

The Year of No New Threads: The Complete Season

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7 Responses to “The Final Countdown: The Year of No New Threads”

  1. Stacey said

    CONGRATS!!!! I have the car to go with the necklace if you’re interested and it would fit into the gently used category….:):) What’s this years resolution? Happy new year!!!

  2. Thank you, my friend! I think the necklace will be fine for now, but thanks for the offer. This year will probably be something unrelated to the wardrobe — something about spending more time with friends, for example. :) Happy New Year, Freddie.

  3. Grant Wagner said

    You know, in 1996, at 16 years of wisdom, I was driving home and put my Jeep Cherokee into a ditch so deep, it rolled over and landed on it’s top.

    Luckily I came out with nearly a scratch (just some rugburn on my knees from crawling out on the roof) and the Jeep was in pretty good condition. I always loved that car, and at this point more than over due to the belief that if it was any “lesser” car, I would have been crushed and/or killed.

    When it came back from the shop, they have the the original “Jeep Cherokee” emblem from the side, complete with the gash a rock put into it. I bit of leather and it became a prized (and very large) key chain. Who knew that someone else would find something like that to be fashionable.

  4. And liners for the wellies! Mine were too chilly without them.

    Happy new year.

  5. Leslie said

    The only thing better than the rad necklace would be one with a cool Stingray logo…a family tradition perhaps? HNY my dear living smaller.

  6. Oh, Grant, so fashionable! You should start Etsying your creations.

    Thanks for the tip, Amanda. Maybe I’ll knit my own liners.

    A Stingray would be really cool, Mom. Good call!

  7. […] Yes, that’s my bitchin’ Camaro necklace on the shelf. Posted by livingsmall Filed in BathBodyBeauty, Space/Time ·Tags: […]

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