Farewell, domino magazine.

January 31, 2009

While many of you likely know the sad fate of domino magazine, I nevertheless feel obliged to eulogize the glossy upon its passing. Apparently, the March issue marks the last in a long line of well-done shelter-focused publications (Et tu, Condé Nast?). domino, I will miss you — you and your ultra-expensive ottomans and paeans to Greek Key patterns and leopard-print carpeting.

In the big scheme, however, is it not better for the environment that fewer magazines are being printed? That’s a lot of paper to make every month, and heaven knows that not all of it gets recycled (a process that, while better than landfilling, won’t save us anyhow).

But what about the future of print publications? Surely technology can’t replace all print matter. Can it?

You’re so VAIN.

January 26, 2009


You prob’ly think this post is about you.

Well, it could be, if you live in Seattle and need a haircut. Rumor has it that VAIN salon in Belltown is offering free haircuts, courtesy of stylist TT, on Friday evenings for the next few weeks. I said free. As in, FREE.

VAIN is a Seattle-only, woman-owned Small biz, and patronizing such bizzes is super-Small. What’s more, VAIN supports “artists in residence” — that is, the salon showcases work by emerging local artists. Also Small. And, as if that weren’t enough, they take part in community initiatives, lending a hand with organizations including the Seattle Young People’s Project, Home Alive, LGBT Community Center, Vera Project, and more.

VAIN is tragically, emphatically, wholeheartedly hip, mind you. I VAIN’d it once and positively agonized over what I could possibly wear that would be happening enough to justify getting my locks lopped at such a haute house of hair. (I shan’t’ve worried, of course, because the folks were sweet as pie, and the haircut was delish.)

VAIN Downtown (yes, there’s a branch in Ballard, too), 2018 1st Ave., 206.441.3441.

Past Seattle Small Biz Shout-Outs

Sweet, sweet buttons.

January 23, 2009

Sweet, Small Friday eye candy, courtesy of CRAFT Magazine and Bake It Pretty: Vintage button molds for your tastiest treats.

The molds are currently sold out, but more are on the way, so start perfecting that butterscotch cream recipe your Auntie passed down.

Cuckoo for CocoaBalm

January 21, 2009

Chocolate + chapstick = heavenly way to enable my addiction to lip balm. Via CRAFT Magazine, a tutorial on how to make your very own cocoalicious lip smacker. Easy to do, and so tasty-good.

Pucker up, sweethearts.

Image via Instructables.

This Living Small Lady like-likes Apartment Therapy. Case in point: A recent roundup of Small homes, delineated by the number of inhabitants (1, 2, and Family). From those flying solo in studios to those procreating in pint-sized spaces, this little grouping has all kinds of inspiration for those who live in little digs and those who are considering the big downsize.

AT, will you be my Valentine?