You can can, too.

January 5, 2009

After doling out much of the Small stores of home-canned jam, et al., this Christmas, I’ve been lamenting the diaspora of my beautiful jars:

But color me delighted, thanks to the dwell blog’s spotlight on WECK canning jars. Look how lovely:

I think I may just buck the Ball jar and head straight for the WECK. They’re not cheap, but they’re certainly foxy.

You may not think it, but winter months = prime canning time. Root veggies are perfect for pickling, and pots of boiling water are welcome sources of warmth. And when the weather is dreary, what can beat a bubbling pot of tart-sweet beets?

What’s your lovingest winter canning recipe?

WECK jar photo via Apartment Therapy.


3 Responses to “You can can, too.”

  1. […] from Sunset, frankensteined from thrift-store regulars — an old wire basket, some empty jam jars, a handful of funky crystals, and some wire and chain with which to hang the whole […]

  2. I wish that I could get into making my own jams and stuff but this is one thing about cooking that I have never really enjoyed, and these do make such great gifts at Christmas time, we don’t really do home made things anymore.

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