Goodbye, wool. Hello, cat yarn.

January 18, 2009

Say farewell to feline furballs! Professional cat groomer-turned-handbag entrepreneur Danelle German of Simpsonville, South Carolina, has harnessed the power of the Persian to create a line of bespoke knitted and felted satchels — made of leftover cat hair. Watch:

German, who calls her company Catty Shack Creations and who named the schmancy yarn “chatangora,” has made a tidy profit (and a clowder of cat-lady friends) by turning grooming chaff into something both useful and commemorative. Strikes me as Small, sure. But also a bit … eccentric. Though yarn drawn from my sweetie Domino could be so lush:

Or just loony. Your take?

Via TreeHugger.


8 Responses to “Goodbye, wool. Hello, cat yarn.”

  1. Oh, no! Now I’m allergic to satchels, too!

  2. Emily said

    My house has enough material for a whole line of bags! Does she make house call harvests?

  3. Tell me about it! I think we’ll have to ask her to make a tour of the West Coast.

  4. I want to be into this, but I find it a little icky. Too bad.

  5. I know what you mean. I love my kitties, but a bag of their hair? Hmph.

  6. Xandra said

    Oh I dunno, I think it’s cool when people find ways to use the stuff that’s immediately around them for something productive, rather than tossing it in the trash.

    And HI. Long time now see :)

    • Hey there, Xandra! Thanks for visiting Living Small.

      I agree about the reuse, but something about the cat hair seems kooky to me. I suppose, though, that it isn’t any different that shaving a sheep to use its fur, is it? I’m of two minds, I think.

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