You’re so VAIN.

January 26, 2009


You prob’ly think this post is about you.

Well, it could be, if you live in Seattle and need a haircut. Rumor has it that VAIN salon in Belltown is offering free haircuts, courtesy of stylist TT, on Friday evenings for the next few weeks. I said free. As in, FREE.

VAIN is a Seattle-only, woman-owned Small biz, and patronizing such bizzes is super-Small. What’s more, VAIN supports “artists in residence” — that is, the salon showcases work by emerging local artists. Also Small. And, as if that weren’t enough, they take part in community initiatives, lending a hand with organizations including the Seattle Young People’s Project, Home Alive, LGBT Community Center, Vera Project, and more.

VAIN is tragically, emphatically, wholeheartedly hip, mind you. I VAIN’d it once and positively agonized over what I could possibly wear that would be happening enough to justify getting my locks lopped at such a haute house of hair. (I shan’t’ve worried, of course, because the folks were sweet as pie, and the haircut was delish.)

VAIN Downtown (yes, there’s a branch in Ballard, too), 2018 1st Ave., 206.441.3441.

Past Seattle Small Biz Shout-Outs


14 Responses to “You’re so VAIN.”

  1. Emily said

    Oh how I wish I had enough hair to agonize over! So lucky you are! What a fun place. I’ll pass it along to my awesome hair having friends in Seattle!

  2. Do so — I hope they get a free snip-snip!

  3. Kissley said

    I have a cute necklace from VAIN. I would stop by there once in a while to check out the hip accessories after lunching across the street at my fav restaurant Le Pichet. I sure do miss the two-oh-six…

  4. And the 206 misses you, Kissley. And Le Pichet. And the Living Small peeps.

    The house next door is for rent — you and Monsieur should make it your summer home. :)

  5. TT said

    Hey all, this is TT from Vain. Just spreading the word that I am now offering more days for FREE haircuts. So if you missed out on the first run you can get in on this one. Through the end of March I’m offering haircuts on Sundays from 12-6pm and Fridays from 4-8pm. Again these are FREE haircuts! So call VAIN at 206-441-3441 to book an appointment.


  6. Thanks for the tip, TT! Glad you could let the Living Small readership know that you’re offering free cuts again.

  7. Robin said

    TT, can you still accept someone for a free cut? I manage a band and the lead singer desperately needs a cut. As you know, most musicians have little $ but Image is Everything! Can you squeeze one more in? He can atleast trade a FREE CD to you. The EP is due back from the duplicator by early May! : )

  8. Ooh, good luck, Robin. Hopefully TT gets back here before your frontman gets his pics.

  9. TT said

    Hey Robin,
    Unfortunately the offer is over for now. But if you’re still interested in getting a stellar, cheap cut, VAIN has 2 stylists that offer $15.00 haircuts. They are Cassie and William and they are both awesome!

  10. Thanks for this info, TT. I’m in need of a lop of the locks myself…

  11. Robin said

    Thanks for the note TT, I’ll pass Cassie and William’s name on to him. Appreciate your return response. : )

  12. […] VAIN Salon: Hip hair-snips in Belltown ‘n’ Ballard […]

  13. […] VAIN Salon: Hip hair-snips in Belltown ‘n’ Ballard […]

  14. What an awesome thing to do, maybe more people should follow suit, her in South Africa the only time this type pf thing happens is when you are becoming a hairdresser, and you have to do ones final cut to qualify, but this one has to be very brave,as they could actually give you something that you don’t like but thank goodness ones hair always grows back.

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