TV or Not TV?

February 5, 2009

That is the question ā€” at least, among the small space living set. Mister and I forswore TV channels long ago, but it wasn’t until we made the Small move that we ditched the set.

Yet, while I can watch the first four seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210 on my trusty MacBook (OMG, Kelly and Dylan are totally getting together behind Brenda’s back!), I nevertheless feel slightly out of the loop when it comes to television pop culture. Like, what the heck is Lost anyway? And who’s that likable serial killer on NBC or CBS or whatever? Darryl? Dennis?

Is this a shortcoming or a show of mettle? How do you reconcile the telly (or lack thereof) in a little living space?


13 Responses to “TV or Not TV?”

  1. knitsnwovens said

    My sister ditched the television and bought a projector. You can buy tv shows from places like iTunes, or rent them from netflix/video store/library if you are willing to be a season behind, and the projector takes up a small bit of ceiling real estate and gives you a 50″ screen if you’ve got that much clear wall space ;).

    I’m out of the loop enough in other ways that not knowing the popular tv shows is only a small blip on the radar!

  2. Stacey said

    Most of the TV shows are available online through the network websites. Sometimes you have to wait a couple days for the latest episodes.

    P.S. We have a small tv that I would love to recycle to you. Fits in a closet… and is a perfect small living size.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Winnie said

    In an age when TVs are getting bigger I can’t stop smiling over my new 19″ flat panel TV. It fits in a regular bookcase! While 19″ is not really small, compared to the 52″ behemoth my brother-in-law has it is tiny [small is a relative thing] As for ditching the TV – isn’t living small about having only what you use? If you would truly use a television enough for heaven’s sake get one!

  4. Lindsay said

    Also check out They have so many shows and movies that you can watch for free.

  5. Amanda said

    I got rid of mine a year and a half ago, and haven’t looked back. I use Hulu or iTunes or network websites for those shows I do want to see, and I don’t feel even a teensy bit bad about missing out on the pop culture. I thought I would, but I don’t. I love that there isn’t a TV in the middle of the living room begging to be turned on, and I feel like its cultivated good energy in my little housie.

  6. Kissley said

    stick with the mac. save the space for baby stuff. =)

  7. Justin said

    I ditched the tv a few years ago, just couldn’t deal with the adverts to be honest. Had a tivo for a little while which helped but these days I just don’t have the time or inclination to watch tv. Have had a nice home cinema with projector in the past and that’s great because I love watching films. In the tiny house I’ll have a my mac laptop, which will be fine.

  8. Jonathan S said

    the problem w/a tv is (I admit I dabble though don’t have cable or anything) that when you think you should be doing something (house chores, writing a letter to your mother, open heart surgery) you’re watching The Bachelor instead. That’s a poor choice to make (particularly for the person you’re doing surgery on).

  9. Sounds like we’ve got a host of TV-Freers here! Thanks for the comments, everyone. We do have a projector — just like your sis, knitsnwovens, and like you, Justin — so we can watch movies (and past seasons of Futurama from the library) theater-style, all without the bulk of a big box. And, were we to get a television and the requisite cable package, I’m afraid I might use it too much, Winnie! Thanks for bringing it back to one of the prime tenets of living small — own what you use, use what you own.

    I’ll check out Hulu, Lindsay; thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been on Fancast lately. And thanks for the offer of the little set, Stacey, but I think we’ll pass. We don’t have much room in the closet as it is! Plus, Kissley wants me to save room for baby goods. :)

    I suppose I’ve been missing out on TV pop culture since 1999, so I guess I can’t get too bogged down, as you mention, Amanda. What’s another ten years of ignorance about Ross and Rachel? (Is that show still on?) And what the heck is The Bachelor? I can imagine that I could get sucked in, to the detriment of many, as you say, JS.

  10. Grant Wagner said

    Like a lot of people who want to simplify, the little lady and I go rid of all of the wires going into our house quite a while ago. While our place isn’t so small that we had to actually get rid of our set (and yes, it was 50″, I know…) I can’t help but love what my wife wanted to do. She got a TV tuner for laptop. This little stick about the size of your thumb gives us all the local broadcast goodness. That keeps her in the news, but I mostly take advantage of our local library’s inner library loan program to keep me entertained.

  11. Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing. Thanks for mentioning it, Grant. You’ve got your finger on the techie pulse, that’s for sure.

  12. Tony Miller said

    You can even get a pocket DLP projector the size of an Ipod that can project a 60″ screen size. I think you can still get TV glasses that give you the felling of watching a 60″ screen at 3 feet, although I wonder about eyesight damage from using them too much. Pocket TV’s were the rage once apon a time, dont see them now. I have a Sinclair one tucked away somewhere was V Cool at the time, although my friend had a watch TV which was cooler.

  13. Wow! I had no idea about the pocket DLP thing. Thanks for the link.

    Watch TVs are cool. Very, very cool.

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