Bloomin’ Bloomers! Or, DIY Dainties.

February 9, 2009


Ever wanted to DIY your own underoos? Clare Bare shows you how, using a secondhand men’s flannel. Grungetastic and foxy, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Via ThreadBanger.


11 Responses to “Bloomin’ Bloomers! Or, DIY Dainties.”

  1. Amanda said

    Oh what fun! Hee. “Grungetastic.” Madam, I adore you.

  2. The Choir said

    The button just scares me. Really, it freaks me out.

  3. Jessica said

    The link is not working.

  4. Glad you like it, Amanda. The button placket actually extends from front to back, Choir. Does that freak you out? And thanks for the heads up about the link, Jessica; it’s fixed now. Enjoy watching!

  5. The Choir said

    Oh my–Yes, VERY much. I did NOT need to know that. “La-la-la-la-la…”

  6. […] great DIY drawers tutorial, via CRAFT and belle and burger. If you’re bummed on bloomers, try these standard panties made from your favorite tees that have maybe seen better days. Double […]

  7. […] September 21, 2009 Smells like teen spirit all up in here. Check out kelly+olive’s easy tutorial on how to turn a secondhand flannel into a pillow cover. For your couch, for your bed, for the saggy booths in that ratty club where you can totally come as you are (even in your {pearl} jammin’ DIY plaid bloomers!). […]

  8. Vaidotas said

    This is one hot ass……………………………………..

  9. sugarnspice said

    Mannequin eh… I was just wondering if the space between the cheeks was normal… kind of resembles another kind of cleavage in my opinion. ADORABLE. Bottom line, I want to make these and I will! I wish my boyfriend was into the whole boxer thing. He’d rather roam about in 5 day old pj’s (wearing nothing but by the way). I love the rolling stones too, but he’s becoming my own beast of burden with his relentlessly dingy RS pants!!

    Love these… want to make them!

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