This sunny winter weather has got me thinking

February 21, 2009

About knitting:

And soup-swappin’:

And tchotchke-remixing:

And cat-snuggling:

What’s on your Feb. 21/22 to-do list?

Endnote: 1) Free Owl Sweater pattern at Needled. 2) My pasta e fagioli, a possible candidate for the Central District Soup Swap on Feb. 24. 3) A Living Small vignette, soon to be transformed. 4) Gulliver the cat, snoozing and snuggle-ready.


8 Responses to “This sunny winter weather has got me thinking”

  1. Owl sweater=coolest thing in the world. Must. Knit. Owl Sweater.

  2. The Choir said

    This was the BEST post! The BEST, Jerry, the BEST!! “Mmrrrmrrrmm, slurp, ding!, bwhoooahhha.”

  3. I know, A, I know! It is beautiful.

    And you are the BEST, Choir. The BEST!

  4. wazzuki said

    Hi – thanks for the mention of my owl sweater – however, could I ask you to link to the designs section of my site ( rather than including the PDF file here? Distributing the pattern from a site other than mine constitutes a breach of its copyright agreement and also means I can’t keep track of the number of downloads. Thank you!

  5. Sure thing! Apologies for linking haphazardly before.

    Love your pattern — keep up the beautiful work, please!

  6. Tea said

    A. Gorgeous sweater—gorgeous!

    B. Did you go to the soup swap? I couldn’t (apparently I live on the wrong side of Madison, ahem), but I was at Knox’s watching him make his soup on Monday. Smelled awfully good!

  7. A. I’m so excited to try it — or, at the very least, to try making some owls on the edge of a blanket or a scarf.

    B. I didn’t make it to the soup swap; I was down with the flu! What a bummer. I hope it was successful, though.

  8. […] 28, 2009 Remember that sunny winter weather that got me thinking all sorts of sunny winter thoughts last […]

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