February 28, 2009

Remember that sunny winter weather that got me thinking all sorts of sunny winter thoughts last weekend?

Well, we’re back to gray skies and rain puddles for the most part here in Seattle, so I’ve switched my snuggletime thoughts to springtime thoughts: to courtyard barbeques and morning coffee out of doors, suppers at the tiny table on the back porch, candlelight and cardigans and bottles of white wine.

Naturally, I’m setting my sights on exterior DIY, like this awesome outdoor chandelier from Sunset, frankensteined from thrift-store regulars — an old wire basket, some empty jam jars, a handful of funky crystals, and some wire and chain with which to hang the whole operation:

Too Fairy Godmother? Ditch the baubles and use wooden beads, and trade out the cotton-candy candles for bright blue ones for a more down to earth, granola look. Or substitute the artificial ice with some cherry red tassels and fringe + oxblood candles, and you’ve got yourself an outdoor boudoir. Certainly, at the end of your evening, you’ll want to haul in the candles and any embellishments that could get damaged by rain, so perhaps affixing too many fragile romantic details isn’t the most efficient way to go.

Are you thinking about spring?

Via Apartment Therapy.


6 Responses to “Nightlight”

  1. Lindsay said

    Right now, it’s 77 degrees out, so I’m thinking about summer :-)

  2. Ha ha — the beauty of SoCal!

  3. Katie said

    I’ve just fallen for your blog! My husband and I live in a 480 sq ft apartment in Berlin and just finished remodeling our 36 sq ft kitchen. We believe in so many of the exact same things I’m seeing here. It’s so nice to find like-minded bloggers. I look forward to your future ideas now that I’ve spent entirely too much time poking through your archives.

  4. Oh, Katie, thank you so much! And I, in turn, have fallen for your blog! Your kitchen redo is great — especially that pull-out dish drawer. Can’t wait to see more from you.

  5. I’ve seen a chandelier like this one before. This blog is amazing, I can’t wait to read more from you in the future.

  6. Thanks very much for the compliment! Such kind words. I can’t wait to make this chandelier for the summer, it’s true.

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