Sundays are for sweeping.

March 8, 2009

Clean sweeping, of course! I’ve got March Madness re: spring cleaning, and thought I’d share this closet-taming piece from Apartment Therapy.

They say there exist nine essentials for the ultimate clothes closet, including mirrors and hooks and an ironing board. I say, sure, that’s logical.

But more important than the in-closet laundry basket and the handbag hooks: keeping the things you own manageable. Like in my dream closet.

Would someone please tell me how to do that? Short of buying a completely color-coordinated wardrobe (à la Garanimals), I’m not sure how to live the dream.

Any articles you can recommend?


3 Responses to “Sundays are for sweeping.”

  1. Desi said

    I dont have any articles to share, but here’s what I do when it’s time to clean the closets/pantry/kitchen/books:

    Ask myself why do I have/need this? If the answer is:

    1. because it’s cute- nope. Not good enough to stay
    2. because of sentimental reasons- only can stay if it fits in the box. I have a box for major events in my life (high school, college, baby, photos). If it doesnt fit in the box, either it goes or something else in the box goes.

    3. because I spent good money on it and should use it- nope. Not good enough to stay.

    Try and think about what you would do if you moved into a small camper and had even less storage than you do now. Only keep the things you truly love and get rid of anything that is a maybe or a no. This is something I’m really trying to do when it comes to purging. As humans, we tend to accumulate things to fill the space we have. The hardest part is coming to terms with the empty space and not trying to refill. After the purge, when you bring something new into the house, immediately give it a home. If there is no home for something it shouldnt be in your space.

    Good luck!

  2. GIna said

    But your dream closet doesn’t have any pants in it!

  3. Desi: Your advice is awesome! Thank you! I think I tend to keep the maybes, and the things that I “should” own (a black suit jacket, for instance, that’s been hanging in the closet for three years with the tags still on it). I love, love, love your suggestions. Thank you so much; I’ll let you know how things turn out.

    Gina: Ha! I’m thinking the pants are in the drawers, maybe? Good call, though.

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