Cut, cut, cut!

March 13, 2009

The latest in the Living Small craft canon: slipcovers for our couch cushions, out of this print from Ikea (yes, Ikea!):

Yet, great fabric and a headful of determination do not slipcovers make; though I own a fine sewing machine and a new pair of pinking shears, I am without a spot to cut straight lines out of 59″-wide swaths of cloth.

And so, I give you the latest in the Living Small space wrangle: my makeshift cutting table!

If you have a table that takes a leaf or two, you can create one of your own. All you have to do is pull the halves apart approximately one-quarter inch, and you’re golden. No need for fancy rotary tools and cutting mats and special aluminum channels built into your surface. Small solutions strike again!

What’s your latest creative reuse?


9 Responses to “Cut, cut, cut!”

  1. Clever, m’dear! Very clever.

  2. The Choir said

    Empty, clear wine bottles, a half cup of soil drizzled in, a few seeds released, and you have (if you drink LOTSHA WYNE) quite a few vertical terrariums the for the whole of the summer and fall for your deck. No need to cork or top them, as the small opening creates enough of a humid-house. Vines are cool in there as they struggle to reach, and then emerge from, the bottle’s opening.

  3. The Choir said

    Or those larger candle jars (like Yankee Candles) with the glass plastic-strip-seal lids: chip out the wax, walk through the dishwasher, and then use for dried fruits or ginger or beans or spices that need to be mostly airtight.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Love the sprouter-jar ideas, Choir.

  5. Laura said

    Brilliant! I never thought of using the table that way…

  6. Thanks! Glad to help.

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