Gimlet, here I come.

April 24, 2009

Friday Friday Friday. Time for a Small date at a Small Seattle bar with my Small sweetie and a small (gin) Gimlet or three.

Have a nice Friday, friends. Be sure to wish Barbra Streisand a happy birthday in your head, or out loud. Whichever.


3 Responses to “Gimlet, here I come.”

  1. Kissley said


    Standby for the next postcard from The Kissley & Sasson Show…

  2. The Choir said

    That drink condense-drips “Spring” so perfectly that I can taste the bite of the lime and the brace of the tonic! Cheers! (And be careful on that date–men with mutton-chops can be notoriously un-gentlemanly. Be sure his peck on the cheek does not leave ANY
    carbon footprint.)

  3. Will do, Kissley. And will do, Choir. :)

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