Been a while since we had the scoop on Seattle Small Biz here at Living Small, and so scoop I shall give, in the form of a big, sweet shout-out to Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. Round up the peasantry, you guys, cause I’m storming this ice-creamy castle, the lovechild of Molly Moon Neitzel and her locavore principles.

That’s right: not only is Molly Moon’s ice cream the most delicious frozen treat I’ve ever tasted — and believe you me, I’ve tasted a lot of frozen treats — it’s made with local, and, if possible, organic ingredients in small batches for the shop’s two locations. And the flavors? Mmmmm. Salted caramel. Strawberry balsamic. Honey lavender. Rosemary Meyer Lemon. The list goes on.

The sweet stuff comes in scoops (in compostable bowls or D-lish waffle cones) or in pints (I have four in my freezer right now. Above, three of them. OMG.), and the shops are open ’til late every day, so you can get your fix even after the sun goes down. Located at 1622.5 N 45th (Wallingford) and 917 East Pine (Capitol Hill); open daily from noon to 11 p.m.

Past Seattle Small Biz Shout-Outs

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Summer’s on the way here in Seattle, and, for me, summer = sunburns, lest I slather myself in SPFs, per Baz Luhrmann (and Mary Schmich). These blue sky days are anathema to my Twilight-worthy complexion, and I’m not a happy Living Smaller when I’m covered in chemically sunblocks.

Enter Mother Earth News‘ piece on natural, DIY sunscreen! Turns out that all kinds of household products — from sesame oil to lanolin, cucumber mash to witch hazel — can be whipped together to make some A-#1 sun repellent, according to Dian Dancin Buchman, author of The Complete Herbal Guide to Natural Beauty. True? Safe? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to give it a go, at least once.

Mother Earth also reports that increasing your intake of vitamins C and B can help your skin deflect nasty UV rays, too, so up your servings of cantaloupe and brewer’s yeast, ladies and gents!

Anybody out there blocking the sun in other natural ways? Postbellum hats, maybe?

Fleur de toilette

May 24, 2009

It’s springtime in Seattle! My hot pink azalea is all abloom, and that means posys for the Living Small house. They’re cheery in my tiny space — especially in the bathroom. There’s something kinda luxurious about flowers near the shower, n’est pas?

How do you bring spring indoors?

ps. Yes, that’s my bitchin’ Camaro necklace on the shelf.

Laundry Purgatory

May 22, 2009

I have it. And it is taking over my home.

The laundry comes out of the machine. It gets dumped on an available surface, sometimes folded, oftentimes not, especially if it is towels or sheets or Mr.’s socks. It does not make it to the closet, because the closet is a disaster. And disasters in small spaces = bad news bears.

To dress, I henpeck what sits on a table, hangs on a drying rack. I therefore wear 20%, maybe 30% of my wardrobe.

Do I have too many clothings? Do I need a dresser, a dream closet? Do I need to turn my entire back room (all 84 square feet of it) into a primping room, like this one from an early issue of domino magazine?

My hunch: I need to kick the lazy. Though a dressing room would be so glamour-puss.

Do you have laundry purgatory? How do you fight it?

Reuse alert, via my pal The Choir’s house: old cans and containers, rinsed and repurposed as craft-supply corrals. Doesn’t get much Smaller than that, and it gives his art room a distinctly Warholian flair. Nice job, friend-o.