Help me stitch Harry.

May 3, 2009

Mission for this week: lobby She Fights Like a Girl to share or sell her Harry Houdini portrait cross stitch pattern. Join the campaign! Canvass your neighbors!

I’ve free-handed cross stitch gifts in the past (vulgar ones that consisted of goofy bunnies and block letters — nothing to write home about, really), but I’m anxious about starting a portrait of the world’s greatest prison breaker. The likely outcome:

Will you help me?



8 Responses to “Help me stitch Harry.”

  1. GIna said


    I love your little house!

  2. Thanks, Gina! I love my little house, too. :)

  3. Kissley said

    oh man…i’m remembering that houdini birthday party you two threw back in the day and how shaun broke free of those chains after being splashed with water…poor guy. good party though!

  4. Yes, Happy Birthday Harry was pure magic, top to toe. Especially loved your Monsieur’s special Houdini hairdo.

  5. Amanda said

    You throw HOUDINI PARTIES?

    I would like to be your friend in real life.

  6. SFLAG said

    Houdini birthday party? Epic. :)

  7. Epic, indeed! There were parlor tricks, fortunes told, and a great escape to end the evening. Plus a 7-layer chocolate cake!

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