Tiny House Tuesday: Petit Paris

May 5, 2009

WHO: Cyril Aouizerate and family (that’s three more, folks), plus Scott the Labrador

WHERE: Paris

WHAT: Space-age design in a small family space

SIZE: 431 square feet

C’est magnifique!

Would you believe a family of four, plus their big-boned Labrador, live in this 431-square-foot Paris apartment? The key is clever storage, including a murphy bed for the parents and a hidden fridge behind one of those ubiquitous white panels.

Check out the full slideshow at Côté Maison, en français.

(ps. Hearts afire for that kids’ room. Wonkavision meets 2001. Holy HAL.)

Via Apartment Therapy.


2 Responses to “Tiny House Tuesday: Petit Paris”

  1. Tony Miller said

    Depends if 431 square foot is calculated from the actual walls, or from closet to closet. If you had closets on all 4 walls with everything built in 431 square foot was the actual floor area left, it would be huge if you get me.

  2. That makes sense, Tony. I’m not sure about actual sq. footage. The article didn’t mention it. Good point, though.

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