Laundry Purgatory

May 22, 2009

I have it. And it is taking over my home.

The laundry comes out of the machine. It gets dumped on an available surface, sometimes folded, oftentimes not, especially if it is towels or sheets or Mr.’s socks. It does not make it to the closet, because the closet is a disaster. And disasters in small spaces = bad news bears.

To dress, I henpeck what sits on a table, hangs on a drying rack. I therefore wear 20%, maybe 30% of my wardrobe.

Do I have too many clothings? Do I need a dresser, a dream closet? Do I need to turn my entire back room (all 84 square feet of it) into a primping room, like this one from an early issue of domino magazine?

My hunch: I need to kick the lazy. Though a dressing room would be so glamour-puss.

Do you have laundry purgatory? How do you fight it?


2 Responses to “Laundry Purgatory”

  1. Honestly, if you’re only wearing 20% of your clothes, you have too many.

    Go through it ALL. Donate what’s still in good repair but that doesn’t fit you or that you no longer care for. Mend or tailor those items that you love and can’t wear for whatever reason.

    As you take things out of the dryer, put them on HANGERS. I’m a no-fold household, so everything goes on hangers. It takes much less time and is easier to leaf through when I’m trying to find something to wear.

    For pete’s sake, woman, get it off your tables! ;) Liberate the tables from the oppression of undie-kind!

  2. knitsnwovens said

    My laundry purgatory is the hanging up – of the wet laundry that is. Why pay $1.50 a load to dry it with electric dryers and then use electricity to run a humidifier at the same time? Only in the dog days of summer is it too humid here to hang dry things. But that means I’ve got laundry hanging up all over the apartment at least 4 days out of 7 – and lazy bones means more often 6/7 :P. I have to put it away when I need new clothes washed though – there’s not enough hanging space for more than 2 loads (and that counts over doors!).

    I agree with Amphritrite – what’s the purpose of overstuffed closets and drawers if you can’t use them? All that stuff isn’t being used anyway, might as well go to someone else. In 2 hours you could have the whole system transformed, and someone’s going to be very very happy to find that special dress in the thrift shop next week!

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