Fleur de toilette

May 24, 2009

It’s springtime in Seattle! My hot pink azalea is all abloom, and that means posys for the Living Small house. They’re cheery in my tiny space — especially in the bathroom. There’s something kinda luxurious about flowers near the shower, n’est pas?

How do you bring spring indoors?

ps. Yes, that’s my bitchin’ Camaro necklace on the shelf.


6 Responses to “Fleur de toilette”

  1. Tony said

    You have a window in your bathroom? Ohhh the luxuary.. The only thing that grows in mine is mould.

  2. Deirdre said

    I have the same flowers in the front of my house, and I haven’t yet thought of putting some in a vase althought I do that with sweet peas and other flowers. Thanks for the idea, I’m going to run and get a vase and scissors right now!

  3. Tony: Ah, yes. I do have window in my bathroom; two, actually — one in the wall and one in the roof. Good light, for sure. But I also live in Seattle, so I get to enjoy some solid mold, too. Tough times.

    Dierdre: I LOVE Sweet Peas! They are my favorite flower, really truly. Now you’ve go me thinking — I’m heading to Pike Place for some Sweeties today!

  4. Tony Miller said

    Bet you got one in the kitchen as well.. Show off.

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