Scooter Sighting

June 3, 2009

I still want one, preferably this one that’s on the way to my neighborhood Farmers Market, even though it isn’t for sale, and even though I’d be a chickeny driver, and even though I’d be using up oil to buzz myself all around the town.

But it’s orange!


7 Responses to “Scooter Sighting”

  1. Winnie said

    There use to be a scooter near my son’s house that was pink – all pink, only the actual tires weren’t pink and it always had a pink helmet hanging off it. The orange is nicer and the balck and chrome bits just define it more. And would a scooter use more oil than your portion of the oil used when you ride a bus? I don’t know.

  2. ritesofpassage said

    I have been coveting scooters for the last year or two, especially since my car died last fall. I’ve been walking mostly since then (riding the bus through the icy Iowa winter) and have recently decided against the scooter (or a replacement car) since I’d probably ride it more often than walking and just get lazy again. It wouldn’t be of any help during the winter, either. And I’ve lost weight, in large part because of all the walking. But they are super cute so I still “want one.”

  3. Tony Miller said

    I see one the other weekend, think it was scooter weekend again cos there were 100’s, and it was hand painted bamboo. It looked sooo real till you got right up close.

  4. Kissley said

    by golly, it IS orange! and tres tres cute! thanks for the heads up on the london pianos. i’ll be playing chopsticks on it with the mister.

  5. Corby said

    I agree, those things really are…sorta…cute! But, make sure you know what they’re putting into the air before investing in one. Some of those small engines without emission controls can pollute many times more than a car built to environmentally sound standards. And, a two stroke (gas-oil combo) engine spews more into the air than a four stroke (gas only) engine. Not to spoil the romance, but just do some research to make the best decision.

  6. Amanda said

    Dear A: I miss you. Please come back. Love and kisses, Amanda

  7. Winnie: I’m not sure about the scooter/bus comparison re: oil consumption. If the bus is full, then I would guess I’m using less oil, but perhaps not. Good question, for sure.

    rites: I know what you mean. Scooters aren’t the best for rainy Washington winters, and I worry that I, too, would stop walking all over and just ride the scooter. But they are so darn cute.

    Tony: Now I want a scooter even more! I would paint mine in orange bamboo. Or maybe snakeskin in a nod to 1987 butt rock.

    Kissley: Will you please post a video of you and the Sass chopping sticks in London? With a scooter parked at the end of the piano bench?

    Corby: Thanks for the tips. I had no idea about two- vs. four-stroke engines. If I decide to take the plunge, I’ll be sure to do some investigative research.

    Amanda: Xs and Os. :)

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